How I Became The Vampire King

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One day, I woke up at home to everything all in a mess. All of my family missing and a trail of blood leading to a nearby alley. So, in a daze and wanting to find out who or what caused their disappearance, I walked into the alley. Fifteen minutes later, I realized I saw something glowing at the end of it and walked towards it and discovered that it was a portal. I decided to walk through it and I entered a completely different world. The world of outlaws, chaos and magic. This is where I began my search. The first thing I saw when I step foot into this new world was a bar. I walked into the bar and sat down on a stool, no one except the bartender paid me any attention because there was a fight going on between two guys over a girl and beer. There was a guy playing the piano in the background. There were some guys and girls in their mid- thirties, who looked liked they never drank before. The bartender gave me a beer. It looked normal but it tasted a thousand times better than any beer I ever had before. So I asked him what was in it. He didn’t tell me. We talked for a couple of hours and I told him what happened to me. He was a good listener and told me he was a shapeshifter the most powerful guy anyone who knew what he was knew. I told him I was on a journey to find where my parents were. He said he would join me. He told me his name was James. He was going to close his bar in fifteen minutes. I decided to go outside and wait for him. The second I got outside I started to feel different, like all five of my senses magnified to a billion percent and I now had a sixth sense. I felt an electric and fiery current course through my body. My hands were turning blue and before I knew it there was a blue flame in both of my hands. I thought how did that just happen. Then I changed forms into a cougar that was as black as night and I then changed back into human. Electricity appeared between my hands and disappeared a second later. Just then, James came out of his bar and locked up. He turned to me and said let’s go hunting. That’s where our journey began. I told James that I feel different; very different. He asked me to explain, so I did. When I finished, he said Well you have magic now. Show me what you can do. I tried to create blue fire and surprisingly succeeded then I set the woods on fire. James just stood there eyes wide mouth opened. Then said show me more. I did as he asked. Now it came natural to me and I didn’t even have to think about it. After I showed him my new magic and power, he realized that I never told him my name. I said my name’s Jesse. We ran into a couple who looked like they were about to be robbed and kept going. We past towns with lots of crime. We came to a river and James stopped and pointed across the river. He said that my parents are across the river guarded by some outlaws who are the cruelest of all. I was shocked and asked how the hell did you know that. He said cause he was with them when they took my parents. Then he advanced towards me at lightning speed and bit my neck. I stumbled backwards and fell grasping my neck. Then James turned around and left me there. Five minutes later two girls appeared out of nowhere and helped me cross the river. On the other side of the river they led me to a cave. From the outside it looked normal but inside it was more like the headquarters of something. The two girls told me there names Jasmine and Tyla. I told them my name was Jesse. Jasmine asked what happened to me and I told them everything. Jasmine and Tyla told me they needed a king and to help stop the outlaws who were going destroy the cave. I said I would gladly help you if you help me find my parents. They said they would help me if I could turn them into vampires with the same magic as me. They led me through cave and I saw mist in front of us. We walked through it and on the other side was a castle. I stopped and asked Tyla what kind of cave is this and said a magical cave. Before Jasmine and Tyla led me in the castle they told me to turn them vampires right now. So I bit Jasmine and then Tyla. I waited five minutes after biting each of them for them to recover. Then all 3 of us now vampires who had lots of magic walked towards the castle. Two guards stood at the entrance. Jasmine turned into a cat and stopped when she got to the two guards. Then she turned back to human and in that moment I fell in love. She was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.

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