Ideal Life of a Girl

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Chapter 1


Sometimes we think that we would be happy if all our dreams come true. However, it’s the process of achieving our goals and it’s the road towards our dreams that enriches us and makes us happy.
Yohana also had the same dream to achieve her goal. Once little Yohana was standing in the graduation ceremony and she was put on the Oxford cap and Graduated as a Doctor. She Shouted in Happiness and tears started sliding from her beautiful eyes. Suddenly she woke up. She, Yohana was surprised to see that it was just a dream. She started thinking and thinking and she thought that if it was the reality, it would create and grant her all the positive, best memories in her life.
She was a girl who was born with three siblings in a middle-class family where there was a doubt, whether can she bring the dream into a reality because being graduated as a doctor is not easy as we think. But young Yohana came to a decision that, she will turn her beautiful dream into a reality.
Her Marvelous Journey started from her 10th class.
The tremendous door disclosed for her first step which is going to build the foundation of her enormous dream. And that was her O/L’s. Till that her life was running over with so many obstacles. Her Graceful, lovely mother fell upon sick. And she had to go with surgery which was the greatest obstacle for Yohana. But she didn’t give up. She, young Yohana supported and took care of her mother even it was the first high-level exam which she is going to face for the first time in her life. Not only Education, but she also helped her family in all the situations, helped in all the household activities. Not only that, Yohana didn’t forget her religion. She prayed, recited and also she helped and participated in all the religious activities without absence. So, this also helped her in her studies.
And now the day came closer and closer. It was the day that will determine her future.
She faced her first trial and succeeded with 8A’s and 1B with the best results of her school. She didn’t stop there.
Then, the next sensational door opened for her second step which was going to build the foundation which she fulfilled successfully. And now it was her A/Ls. As her dream was to become a Doctor, she chose the Science stream which others consider as the hardest stream in the A/Ls. But as a Massive surprise, she faced her second trial and succeeded with 3A’s and she entered Sri Jayewardenepura University to continue her MBBS degree. It was the beginning of the Final trial to create the path to fulfill her supercalifragilistic dream.
Till then her family supported her as her backbone until her new life partner entered her life. He stood beside her and took up all her responsibilities and made her path towards her success.
She was the brightest student in her university and she was also selected to participate in an inter-country quiz competition which was held in Malaysia, representing Sri Lanka. She brought fame to her Motherland.
Yohana passed all her semesters in first-class level. At last, the day came on which she will get the opportunity to own the oxford cap which she saw in her dreams when she was a teenager. She passed her final exams with flying colors. She brought the fame, Stardom to her parents where she was the first person to become a doctor within her family. Elated tears started tumbling from her Eyes.
Finally, She owned the Oxford cap permanently which opened her path to start her new journey towards serving Humanity.

Chapter 2


The bright red alarm was ringing as the first rays of the sun touched the Earth..! Yohana stretched her arms into the air and started her chores. She arranged her bed, had a fresh bath, cooked some healthy food for her life partner and herself. She packed his lunch and said farewells. Yohana stretched her arms after a major chore and was going to sit in her cozy sofa and –
Yohana’s smartphone started to vibrate like an old-time Quaker revival. It was an unsaved number. Yohana trembled off the sofa. She was afraid of unsaved numbers as she had faced a dark situation when she was a kid.
When she was around ten years, an unsaved number had rang and been threatening their family to pay them an unaffordable price. Due to their luck, the guys under the mask had been captured.
But now, there was no one with Yohana to communicate with. This time she didn’t make her fear invade her. She answered the call.
It was one of Yohana’s best friend, Piper. Yohana had met Piper in both her school and college life. Piper was the only friend who stayed with Yohana when her mother was bedridden.!
Yohana got to know that Piper has made some amazing gadgets. Yohana knew that Piper loved to reuse the broken materials. In Piper’s school life, she made a metal robot dog to guard the school which made her suspended for a week.
Piper told Yohana that she even made an armor the same as the Iron Man’s armor. For once, Yohana was astonished at this statement. Piper said Yohana to meet her at La Casa Nera, Calle Frezzeria.
When the clock struck 1 O’clock, Yohana hurried like a torrent through a strait. To her surprise, Piper was no kidding. She had made a way more similar armor to Iron Man’s. I was one step taken back at my first gaze..!
Yohana returned home by evening. She had dinner with her life partner and went to bed with a thought in her mind.
The next day there was a rat-tat-tat to be heard at the door. To Yohana’s surprise, it was Piper at the door.
“Come inside for a cake and ice cream,” Yohana said. “It sounds like we’ve got a lot to talk about”.
Yohana and Piper talked a lot about how life was easy back then how far we have grown up and how things have changed till now like old times after having a long conversation they called it off and Piper returned home after catching up with her and Yohana went to bed .

Chapter 3


The next day,
Yohana is also a person who overthinks at times, so this was one night where she received a text saying; ‘hey this is Scarlett I live two blocks away from you, can you come and meet me now?’
She was thinking, “what if this is a plan to trap me?”, “if they stuck my head through a door?”, “How can I trust this girl? I have met her only once….” ” hoof” Yohana exhales…
“Oh god! Yohana! Please stop imagining absurd stuff” she says to herself,
She takes the phone and types…. ” why should I come? Is it an emergency?.” Then the reply comes from the other end,” Yeah! Yeah! Please come, this could be the greatest help you could ever do!”. As Yohana sees the text, her reply was a very unexpected one . ” yeah sure ! I will be there then ..”.
After a few minutes, Yohana gets herself packed to go, she didn’t forget to grab some chilly powder, a bottle of pepper spray, and a small knife… ” I got to be vigilant ! Whatever it is “. ‘She thinks to herself ‘ Yohana smirks and leaves the house …
She walked there and as she reached the point, she walked into the door passing some very creepy looking owls and a huge dark bush .. as she reached the door, before she reaches the doorbell she looked down, then she saw a lot of sneakers, heels and few chips on the ground ..
Before her second guess, she rang the doorbell ” triengg, triengg” bell rings.
A boy opens the door as she saw him, the clock ticked 12’ and all her office colleagues, old school friends, her best friend Piper all of them appears out of nowhere and screams ” HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOHANAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!” Yeah, what a bombshell! it was her birthday…..
And especially her neighbor Scarlett has given the fullest support for this birthday surprise…
Yohana, with her hands to her face, she burst out into tears … it was a soul-stirring moment for everyone around…
She just had her time there which can’t be brought back ..,…..
That was one unforgettable day in her life…

Chapter 4


Days passed by and Yohana thought of making one of her biggest dream work.
Yohana’s biggest dream had been to write a book about “achieving goals of life”. She used to spend her free time writing small stories and it was always appreciated by others. But because of her financial difficulties, she couldn’t achieve her dream when she was young.
One day her best friend Piper on her visit to Yohana’s house persuaded Yohana to write the book: “Why Don’t you start writing the book you told me about, I am sure it will be great”. That was when she thought over again to make her dream come to reality. So she started over to write the book with great excitement.
In a few months, the book was published. Everyone appreciated it and admired her writing skill. Yohana’s best friend congratulated her for achieving her dreams by being patient and flying over all the obstacles.
One Evening Yohana received a letter saying “You are a splendid writer Yohana, I admire your piece of work”. Yohana was surprised when she saw the sender was her old uncle Joe.
Uncle Joe hasn’t been in contact with Yohana’s family for nearly 20 years. So it was a sudden surprise for Yohana to find him writing to her.
Yohana sends a reply to the letter as follows:
“Thanks, uncle. I really appreciate your response about my book. By the way how are you?”… and she asked about his location and health and so on.
Her uncle replied to her and started to send her letters once a week regularly!
He was very funny in his letters and also motivated Yohana in many ways. Meanwhile, Piper was also very helpful to Yohana. She not only persuaded Yohana to write this extraordinary book.. but also was very helpful to her in analyzing the book.
Yohana was very grateful for a friend like Piper so she added her best friend’s name in the book!

Chapter 5


Time passed by, Yohana became a very famous writer. Her uncle joe wanted to meet her. She went to receive her uncle at the airport. her uncle was driving her home through a storm when suddenly a flash of lightning hit a little close and took us off the road. It was heavily raining there were mud puddles all over the road. Somehow Yohana and uncle arrived home safely. After they arrived home Yohana prepared a hot coffee for her uncle. They were talking for a long time. Her uncle was humorous where he never stopped joking. Yohana’s face turned red it was uncontrollable.
After a while, Yohana and her uncle went to sleep. Yohana is so tired as she worked hard from morning till now. Her uncle slept on the sofa while she stepped to her room for a peaceful nap. Yohana closed her room door, switched off the light, pulled her blanket, and jumped on her bed. She was scared to sleep alone, but she has no other choices. It was raining heavily outside. The clock ticked past midnight 12 o’clock. But Yohana’s eyes were still open. She was thinking about her old school memories. Yohana has been pulled by the lovely memories she had when she was small. She thought that if she could take those memories back. All of a sudden a strange noise was heard breaking all her thoughts. The strange noise increased gradually. At that time a flash of lightning hit her room window. Yohana closed her eyes and hugged her pillow. After two minutes she gathered courage and opened her eyes to look through the window. The only thing she saw was a strange shadow dancing near her window with its eyes wide open. Yohana started screaming with fear. Her uncle came running to her room and found her crying. When uncle asked Yohana, she told him about the strange noise and the shadow. After listening to Yohana’s story, her uncle started laughing. He held her hands and brought her near the window. She was still very scared to look through the window.
Gathering courage, she opened her eyes and looked. What she saw made her laugh too. It was the old tree outside her window. Its branches were making noise because of the strong wind outside, and its leaves were forming the dancing shadows. As for the eyes, an owl was sitting on the tree. After seeing this, Yohana couldn’t control her laugh. And then she hugged her pillow tightly and closed her eyes for a peaceful nap.
Being a writer was her part-time job and her passion and she did it when she was free where as being a doctor was her dream.
The following day, Yohana wakes up and cooks a splendid breakfast for her family members, and gets ready to go to work. She wanted to take a leave because her uncle Joe was there for a vacation just for her but she didn’t have an option. She is a very Outstanding, Diligent, and Reliable Doctor who serves in a Promising hospital. so, Yohana is an Oncologist. An oncologist is also known as a Cancer specialist who specializes in cancer treatment, diagnosis, and prevention. The reason Yohana selected this field is because these days so many cancer patients are all around the world and most of the people who die from certain health diseases are them. In the past, One day, a very gloomy and stormy day when Yohana was a teenager she faced a situation where she had to lose one of her best friend named Bella because of a tumor. Yohana, Piper, and Bella were the three best friends group. Losing such a great friend, Yohana wept for several days. Indeed even though Yohana had a dream to be a doctor before this incident
happened, she got a lot more courage from this painful obstacle to becoming a Successful doctor as it is today. So because her friend died on such a day, She had a fear of lightning and thunder that just by hearing or seeing strange things make her scared and think something unusual and weird but she overcame it little by little by treating the cancer patients as a repayment for her late friend and lived her given life with serving with her capabilities to the society to utmost and lived happily in her life.


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