Maiden of The Moon

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Every night the maiden sang as she went to fetch water from the well. One day she ventured out too far out. She found herself at a beautiful lake that’s water sparkled. Thinking it would be harmless to dip her feet she slipped off her shoes and in her feet went. Before she knew it she was waist deep into the water. Little did she know she was being watched. Suddenly caught in a trance she waded deeper into the waters. A swift motion snapped her out of her trance. A tail brushed her heel and she was pulled under into the murky abyss. The moon’s gleam brightened then darkened again. No one heard her screams as she was pulled down under. The next day a young man was on his was home from a long day’s work at the market when he heard a beautiful song. He followed the delightful noise to a beautiful body of water. There in the midst of the lake an alluring young maiden, sat on a rock. Her long blonde locks hung down her back and just the tips of her hair seemed wet. Her song was sad and solemn and it seemed she was singing to the moon. The young man enchanted the maiden’s beauty and song waded into the water and down into void he went. Every night the maiden comes to the surface and sings her sad song to the moon. Many have heard her but few have seen her in person and survived to tell of it. One night was different than the others, instead of sitting at her rock the maiden made her way to the shore. As the maiden sat on the shore a little girl just happened to be on her way back from the well passed by. As the girl approached the maiden the moon brightened and the maidens song grew louder by tenfold. The maiden turned to look at the girl and the maiden realized that the girl was singing with her. The girl came to the maiden. Letting the moon’s energy channel through her the maiden grabbed the girl’s hand then she dragged her down under the water. Still singing her melancholy song the maiden felt the girl’s energy find itself in her own body. She then grew a lust for human energy. She was now known as the Maiden of The Moon. Every night she sang her song to lure her next victim to her before she dragged them down into the void and took the energy from them. Every time she took a human’s energy the moon grew in size. One day as she sang to the moon the power of her song brought the many dead bodies up from the bottom of the lake. The maiden changed. She had a thirst for human energy, her hair grew stringy and grimy, her skin was a sickly gray, her teeth were now jagged shards, and her nails were sharp enough to slice human skin open. As she sang the bodies of her victims started to rise up and were now coming out of the water. Screams filled the air that night.The maiden rose from the lake, still singing, and went to fetch water from the well.

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