Mark and his faithful friend

Artem Pedenkov January 21, 2019
Kids, Magic, Mystery
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There lived a young boy named Mark. He loved to feel like a detective and he dreamt about his dog.
And his dream came true, his Dad gave him a dog for his birthday, Mark called her Martha.
Winter came. One day Mark went out to fetch some milk and took Martha with him. While they were walking, Mark jumped into the snow, leaving big footprints, throwing the snow in different sides; Martha was running around in circles and had fun with him. And when they were going home Mark’d suddenly noticed that no footprints were left on the snow.
And even more, Mark saw that the snow was gone. Mark was very surprised by that, stood still in the middle of the road wondering where did the tracks of the place where he had fun disappear. He realized that the snow moved half a meter from the road, it was clean now.
He thought how the snow may evaporate that fast?
‘Maybe the snow has melted?’ he asked Martha. But his dog Martha gave him no reply.
And then Mark walked around and saw the janitor clearing the snow.
‘Now everything is clear,’ said Mark. The janitor was the one who removed the snow!
Mark and Martha went back home. Mom and Dad asked: ‘What took you so long to buy milk? ‘
Mark didn’t say the story because he was afraid they would laugh at him. But parents knew his love to detective stories and didn’t say anything more.
Mark thought and decided to share the story with them no matter what. He overcame his fear and told his parents this amazing story.
Mom and Dad listened carefully and said: ‘You’ve learnt something new! This is your first open snow case!’ Mark smiled shyly and entered the room.
And that was only the beginning of fascinating stories about Mark and his faithful dog.
*The END*

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