A most loyal companion.

Jack Whitehouse October 22, 2020
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When I was a puppy, I was small, and I was cute! I had brown fur, and little puppy legs with big puppy eyes. One day, this big lady came into our shelter and took me from my mother but that’s okay because I’m a good boy and this is what all good boys must eventually do!

This big lady had a big home, with a little blonde boy who was so happy when he met me! He loved to ruffle my big ears and give me treats for shaking his paws! This boy was called Michael, he was really nice to me! He would give me this delicious food that I couldn’t wait to tell my siblings all about.
Michael used to take me on long walks every day, and he would give me treats for giving him sticks — I suspect he was secretly saving them up to build a really big den. Sometimes, Michael would hide from me behind the bushes and I’d have to find him! Me and Michael became best friends despite all the shoes I would chew and gloves I nibbled. I did not believe life could be any better.

The big lady never seemed to understand my dog speak, I would ask to be let
outside, and she would hurt me. So, in time, I learned to not speak at all. I would make use of the floor and she would be all red and cross, but little Michael would make noises and she wouldn’t hit me anymore.

One night, after a long and pleasant toilet on the floor, the big rudely picked me up and angrily held me by my scruff. She had to pry Michael’s fingers from my little red collar, he made funny noises and made strange expressions as water leaked from his

We dog’s never do that, how strange I thought it was. She took me to a familiar smelling building, the shelter! I thought it nice of her to let me visit my old family! I had been wondering when I was going to see mother and
father again. Only, they didn’t seem to recognise me. When I turned around, the big lady was gone!

I quickly learned, from overhearing the ladies at the shelter, that I wasn’t here for long. A man came for me, later in the day. He took me to this quiet room, placing me on this cold hard table. He told me not to worry Michael, so I didn’t, I promise. He gently placed a needle in my paw, as I felt the sting, my body began to feel cold. I don’t like the cold Michael. He told me he was sorry and that I was going to be loved “up there”. Where is up there? He told me it was a place of love, with all the lampposts my heart desired.

I don’t want to go ‘up there’, I want to go home. I want you to hold me, to tell me it’s all okay. My thoughts will always be of you, my beloved master. I will wait for you forever.

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