Anastasia Matz July 1, 2017
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I was a little girl 
when i met a new friend ,
his name was Mr. Darkness .

He took my hand 
and whispered a question to my ear 

”Hey little one , 
  Do you like having a ride to the Moon ?”  

”But Moon is too far away from home ”
this was my respond .

I might have said something silly 
’cause all i could see was a drawing smile on his lips .

”If it’s so , we might meet again , 
when the nostalgy of childhood would be gone 
till then , 
we’ll shake our hands
and wish we’ll meet again ”

These were his last words 
there is nothing else that i can recall .

The night came , the night of despair 
only a few years later .

I screamed his name out of tears 

”I’m begging you, Mr.D, come and take me away from here ”

His shadow appeared ,

”Silly girl , i wasn’t gone , 
for all these years 
i was living inside your fears .
Now it’s late 
You already have gone 

far ,far away from home 

’cause for you , just to know , 

when you’re taking a  ride on the Moon 
the road of turning back is always closed

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