All of The Fallen (Not Done Yet)

Eri Anderson February 15, 2021
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Arriane walked up to the door and hesitantly lifted her hand to knock on the door. She gingerly knocked on the door, “Come in,” said a voice behind the door. Arriane gently opened the door and saw a teenage girl with long silver hair and yellow eyes. She was sitting cross-legged on her bed, looking down at a spellbook. The girl closed the spellbook shut and looked up, “You must be new here. I am Elexis. I guess I am your roommate.” The girl stood up and walked to the closet flinging it open, and pulled out a white dress and white heels. “I am just going to get changed for class, you might want to as well.” Elexis walked to the bathroom and shut the door swiftly behind her. Arriane threw her duffel bag onto the empty bed, plopped down, and sighed. She rummaged around in her bag. She pulled out a red sweatshirt, some acid-washed jeans, and her black converse. She quickly changed into them, because Elexis was in the only bathroom in their dorm. Elexis came out of the bathroom changed. She has a wolf tail and ears. “What, never seen an animagus before? Don’t worry I know how to control it.” Elexis looks at Arriane up and down, “What are you supposed to be?” Arriane looks at Elexis and lifts her finger, “I’ll show you,” Arriane ran to the bathroom and closes the door behind her. I hope this works, Arriane thought to herself, she took a deep breath and felt everything come in place, her iridescent black wings sprouted from her back and she opened her eyes and watched as the irises turned red. She opened the door gently, afraid that she would scare Elexis. She walked out of the bathroom shyly, and Elexis gasped at her. “You look good, what are you exactly? A demon, angel thing? OH, you’re a FALLEN ANGEL!” Elexis said as her eyes went wide, “I AM ROOMMATES WITH A FALLEN ANGEL!!!!” She screeched in delight. Arriane pulled the hairbow from her hair and let her long black hair fall to her shoulders. “Something like that,” said Arriane with a shy smile. Arriane sat down on her bed and looked around, “Is this Silvershield High? ‘Cause, the pamphlet said it looked better than this.” Arriane gestured out the window to their view of the graveyard outside. “Yep, this is Silvershield,” said Elexis with a sigh. “What time does class start?” Arriane said with a frown. “Oh, in an hour or two, while we wait though, I guess you can get your side of the room ready.” Arriane smiled, “Good.” She grabbed her duffel back and threw it on the ground and walked to the closet, and she grabbed the bed set that she brought up here earlier. It was black with white feathers printed all over it. She fixed her bed and started to put her posters up, one of Starry Night, another of a raven, and one of her favorite band, 21 Pilots. “There,” she said as she put the finishing touches on her side of the room, she thought she did pretty good.


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