One man

Muhammed Saf April 18, 2020
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First part
Some day one man take horse and went faraway.
He saw beautiful girl in forest and he liked her. Man approach her and asked, “Where are you live? I can drive you if you want.”
She said, “Yes. I live in big tower”
He asked what her name but she silent.
– We here, get off.
She said, “It was wrong tower.”
But in this town was one tower. He confused, doesn’t know what to do.
Second part
It turns out that this girl was him daughter. When did he get divorced, him wife was pregnant. He didn’t know. And she died a few yers later because her house was attacked but robbers didn’t know that in this home was girl and she run away into forest. She was there 3 years.
How she saved nobody don’t know. Probably she ate… ok forget about it.
Part Third
To sum up. That man believed her and they started new live again.

After 5 years…

She went to school. Man said that he will protect whatever it is. He everyday took her to school on car, he scared of her.
Someday when he went to pick her up, she wasn’t there.

after 3 month…

Her nowhere wasn’t, police searched whole town but nothing. He cried because he had one daughter and didn’t want lose her. Man gathered four friends bought guns and prepared.
in two weeks…
They were ready, they take car and went to find her. They already drove 20 miles. And suddenly they saw scary home and thence published weird sounds. They took flashlights and went there.
They reached the room. There she was tied up and exhausted. Weird that nobody wasn’t there.
Finally they together forever. Man with daughter went to other city, bigger than last.
All were happy but him seemed that something is wrong, he doubted. He couldn’t believed that he’s not being followed, he knew that. But he was ready for anything.
Adventures don’t end.

The end.
wrote safoon18

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