Princess Janessa's Death in Her Long Sleep Curse

North Uldra November 20, 2021
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Princess Janessa was cursed to an eternal sleep that could not be awakened from an unknown evil shaman when she was just born a dozen years ago. Her curse was changed by the patron goddess so she could be awakened by the prince. At that time, the palace was blocked by some thorny plants from the beginning Janessa was put to sleep, so from day to day the thorns continued to grow until they hurt people if they were close to them. Many people struggle to get rid of or avoid the thorns, but their efforts are always unsuccessful. Instead, they get trapped in the plant and turn into thorns. The evil shaman kept watch behind the bushes and turned into a black snake. One day, there was an emperor from a neighboring empire with his son who wanted to get rid of all the thorns. The two of them were trying to get rid of the thorny plants growing in the palace. “Father, this plant really interferes with our eyesight. We can get hurt and even blind if we get too close to it! Let’s just get rid of this dangerous plant,” said the Emperor’s son firmly. “That’s good then. There are a lot of thorny plants growing around us. We’d better get rid of them immediately so that people who will enter the palace are not obstructed,” replied the Emperor. The two of them removed all the plants with various efforts, but the Emperor was caught in the thorns and turned into a thicket. Only the Emperor’s son survived. Suddenly the black snake died, the thorns turned into blooming flowers that became the palace entrance gate after seeing the Emperor’s son. He entered the palace curiously and found that everyone in the palace was all asleep. “Why is everyone sleeping here? Should I wake them up with the bell?” asked the Emperor’s son alone. He entered all the rooms in the palace, and finally he entered a bedroom that had people in it. He knocked on the door, then opened the door. He saw Princess Janessa sleeping on the bed with a pale bluish face. “There’s a princess sleeping on this bed? Should I kiss her?” Then, the emperor’s son kissed the princess’ forehead. After he kissed her, one palace woke up. And he felt something strange, seeing Princess Janessa stiff and unconscious when everyone else woke up.

He immediately called a doctor to find out and see Princess Janessa’s condition when the others woke up. The healer came into the princess’s room and saw the condition of the princess who was still sleeping with a pale face and stiff body. He held Princess Janessa’s stiffened hand. It turned out that Princess Janessa had died since the last night of a long sleep. The emperor’s son burst into tears after hearing that Princess Janessa had just passed away. It was previously known that the deceased fell in love with him before the curse took place. The late Princess Janessa is buried in front of the palace. The tomb of the princess is decorated with various flowers on her grave. Queen Mary, the mother of the late Princess Janessa, hugs the emperor’s son after the death of Princess Janessa. “Dear Matthias, you have to be patient. Be patient with Janessa’s death, and you have to face this with steadfastness. I pray for you that you grow with sincerity and patience, and don’t forget to always pray for Janessa so that she rests in peace by His side,” said Queen Mary to motivate the emperor’s son. And finally, Queen Mary cared for the emperor’s son with all her heart as she cared for her dead daughter.

Forty days after Princess Janessa’s death, Crown Prince Matthias feels comfortable alone with sincerity and steadfastness. He was living as usual when the late Princess Janessa was alive. Now he lives in the palace where the deceased was born and feels at home because he was raised by Queen Mary like his own child. The Crown Prince had lost his mother since he was a child, and this was the first time he had lost his father. Even so, he and Queen Mary were like sons-in-law who were cared for like their own. The Queen always gives a decent life and is the same as the late Janessa in her past life. And because of his love for the Queen he was called Matthi by Queen Mary.

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