Princess Karma

Isabella Swenson July 11, 2017
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You have probably been told, ‘treat others the way you wish to be treated, or else karma will get you for it,’ but did you know the story behind this?

The story goes like this:

Hot was the sun and warm was the day
in the large city of Abdul Hai.
Sat in a litter was an Arabian girl
who wore on her finger a single pearl
and was draped in silks and fur.
Proud the servants carrying her were!
For she was the princess of Abdul Hai
and she was one who always had her way.
When she said ‘stop’ that day,
stop the servants did, for what a sight she saw!
There was a merchant, selling his wares,
the usual herbs and apples and pears;
when a boy leading a goat came up,
asking for some water in a cup.
The merchant at once dismissed the boy;
and here the princess said,
You selfish man, I wish you plagues!
You refuse a drink to a thirsty goat and a boy in rags!
They asked for very little, but not a cup you would pour.
Yes, you refused them, so therefore,
I’ve made it my business for you to see
what it is like to be the one making the plea,
at the other end of the exchange such as the one before me!”
To ensure that this was so,
the princess went to the merchant’s home,
for she had a lesson to show!
Princess Karma made sure the merchant’s well was emptied and drained,
so that it would not fill again till it next rained!
The Arabian girl gave this water to the boy,
and she saw his face light up with joy.
So when the merchant went about the next day,
asking for water and being refused, she was not ashamed.
Such is the story of the princess of Abdul Hai,
Princess Karma, who always, always had her way!

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