Ruby and Tamara

Federica Valentini December 22, 2021
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Once upon a time, in a far away kingdom, a servant called Ruby and a princess named Tamara. The two had so much in common beginning from their appeareance to their personality and,for that, they were not only friends but also very similar to eachother. One day Tamara’s father, King Richard, promised her hand to the near kindgom prince Edward, but Tamara didn’t want to get married yet and refused to every suitor who asked for her hand since she was young. But this time was different: her father was dying and Tamara needed to marry and give her father an heir for their kindgom. After telling the news to Ruby, this latter said “I’ve got an idea: since we’re so similar to eachother, we’ll switch our clothes and identits, that way no one will spot the difference”. “I’ll agree with your plan” said Tamara “That way i won’t be marrying anyone!”. The next day, in order to meet her future husband, King Richard sent a carriage for Tamara and that’s where the plan started: Ruby, dressed with Tamara’s clothes, reached the entrance of the castle where the carriage was waiting for her along with Tamara, who was now dressed with Ruby’s clothes and allowed to come along with the princess. Once arrived to the castle, to welcome them, there was non other than Prince Edward and his father, King Philip III. “Welcome to my kindgom, princess Tamara” welcomed the king bowing at her “My pleasure, king Philip” replied the “fake” princess. “If you allow me father” said Edward: “let me introduce myself: i’m prince Edward your future husband” bowed Prince Edward kissing her hand. “Pleasure to meet you your highness” replied Tamara. “And who is this servant who came along with your highness?” asked king Philip. “Oh um my name’s Ruby your majesty” replied Ruby bowing really shyly to the king. “Very welcome to meet you Mrs Ruby, now, my servants will be more than happy to bring you to your rooms where you’ll be fixing your stuff and then you’ll join us for the royal feast in order to celebrate your marriage” said the king and the exact same moment two servants arrived to carry the princess’s luggages and show them their rooms; “Follow us our highness” said the servants leading the way for the rooms. But, as they were leaving for their room, Ruby notices prince Edward whispering “everything’s going as planned” with a suspicious face; “Hmm, something’s not quite right” thought Ruby to herself. Once arrived in their rooms, Ruby told what she saw to Tamara who saw that too and said “You know? I heard what he said and i don’t really like it… Something stinks…” Said Tamara. “But for now, let’s pretend that didn’t happen and let’s go to the feast” said Ruby; then she added: “I’ll go investigate myself, don’t worry”. Night now was up and Ruby, with an excuse to go to the Royal Baths, goes to investigate for Prince Edward’s secret and overhears a conversation between him and his father; “Finally, King Richard’s inheritance it’s mine and so all of his money as well…” id Prince Edward chuckling evilly. “Oh, why do i have a such spoiled son!” cried King Philip, “If your mother was here, she would send you to your room and check an eye on you… She was the most kindest person i’ve ever met and she never hurt anyone nor stole an entire kindgom” added as he looked at Edward’s mother’s painting near the throne. “Father, you’ll never understand: if i don’t marry that princess we’ll face serious financial consequences since the fact we’re in debt already!” exclaimed Edward. “But my son, this is not and excuse to steap an entire Kingdom! Don’t you think we have to give King Richard an heir for his kindgom instead of taking all for yourself?” replied his father. “An heir?!” said to his father adding “It’s just only enough that i know about his inheritance! Tomorrow we’ll tell that our wedding we’ll be set for the day after tomorrow. Case closed!” replied Edward while going to his room and slamming the throne room door leaving the king alone. “I have to inform Tamara of this! whispered Ruby returning to her and Tamara’s room. When she returned and told what happened and heard Tamara said: “Don’t marry that Prince! If you do that, he will probably bring poorness and increase the taxes’s price to our kingdom!”cried Tamara. “Don’t worry ” said Ruby “That’s another reason why i proposed the change of identities. Look, i know prince Edward and, to where i was servant, he even steals money from the kindgoms and runs away with it and also when he got what he wanted, the inheritance i mean, he divorces with his wives and sends them to the stake! I don’t want to lose a friend like you from that monster, Tamara! But don’t worry I’ve already got a plan to espose him we just need to wait the day after tomorrow, your marriage date and i’ll tell you everything tomorrow, princess” replied Ruby. The next day Ruby, still dressed with Tamara’s gowns, was called out by the guards from an order of King Philip where they told her about the date of their wedding.”I’ve already informed the royal Baker and the Chamberlain about it and said everything’s going to be ready tomorrow.” Said the king. Then Edward added: “The royal tailor also going to bring your wedding dress by the end of the day and the royal cook is already occupied for the buffet; you’re discharged, my future queen”. Afterwards she informed Tamara about the meeting with the king, Ruby explained the plan: “I’ll expose him when i’ll be on the altar and when i give you the thumbs up you’ll show up and expose yourself as the real princess!” Said Ruby and Tamara added: “Like that, they’ll put you in jail, Ruby!” Cried Tamara. “Don’t worry” replied Ruby “I’ll say that a servant mistakenly swapped our clothes and i didn’t have time to inform the king about it! I’ll manage” she added. The next day was the wedding and Ruby is ready to act for her plan as Tamara watched it from far. Ruby was wearing a beautiful cream white wedding dress and a beautiful lace long veil. Once arrived to the altar the chamberlain approached them and begun the cerimony “Today, we are all united here to celebrate the wedding between Prince Edward of Corvania and Princess Tamara from Nardonia. So, Prince Edward, will you take as Wife the princess Tamara?” Added the Chamberlain
“I do!” Immediately replied Edward looking at her evilly. “And you” said the Chamberlain “Princess Tamara, will have as your husband the here Prince Edward?” added. “I do… Only if my husband won’t steal the money from the king and lead me to the stake!” said Ruby as the crowd gasped and begin chanting. “What?! How dare you?! Who told you this?!” Said furiously Prince Edward. Ruby turned around to make sure Tamara was watching and exclaimed “The real princess told me!” Then she gave the thumbs up to Tamara and walked up on the altar and said: “Exactly! I am the real princess!” Then the crowd gasped again as watched the scene. “I’m actually Ruby and a servant mistakenly swapped our clothes and we didn’t notice but was actually a miracle considering your personality prince Edward!” The crowd begin to chant again for those words “My son i’m sorry for doing this but i have to” said the king “Guards! Bring him to the prison and throw the Key! cried the king. After what happened a few months later, Edward was exiled from the kindgom and Tamara got married with Edward’s younger brother Harry, while Ruby fell in love then married with the prince of Caledmny, James and they all lived happily ever after.

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