Secretes revealed: Sleeping Beauty

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As I am aging day by day, my cruel capabilities are getting feebler. You might address me as ‘malicious Maleficent’, ‘murderous maleficent’ or maybe ‘magnificent Maleficent’. Anyway I guess, now is the time to express the real side of the “happily ever after story” and my ‘good deeds’ behind it.
When Aurora was born, the whole land rejoiced with happiness (mainly because they were free from taxes and the laborers got a month off), but my inner feelings sensed a dark spirit will be summoned any time shrouding the crowd with nothing but melancholy. The whole kingdom is going to be annihilated with dark forces which are ruled by the devil itself. You might wonder, ‘Hello, aren’t you supposed to be their sidekick,’! Well…yeah but I do a have 0.0000000001 of a decent heart. However, rubbing my futurisitcious ball, I discovered Aurora will die at the age of 16 by a nothing but a spindle!
Can you believe that? What a stupid way of dying! Nonetheless, I concluded that I will give this horrifying news to them when I am invited to their jubilant party. Days passed, weeks passed until it was the day of the celebration and guess what my post is empty! My blood began to my head and hot steam came out of my nose; I don’t believe this! After wasting hours of deciding what to wear, I am not invited! Nevertheless, I am going there anyway and I will also curse that little infant! I am sure if you weren’t invited to your classmate’s party, you would actually do some terrible pranks. Therefore, this is not considered as cruelty but merely result of an action!
While I stationed myself near one of the outside windows, I caught the breathtaking smell of the appealing food. From bread to pudding everything was situated on the mahogany table. Enchanting music drowned the palace with happiness. At that moment, I caught a quick glance at the small princess in the stroller. Many people gathered in the stroller with great interest; even I was awed by her great beauty thus my heart soften like a butter in a microwave. Who can curse this charming, miniature princess? However they do need a sense of what happens when you miss someone out; I will just act like that I am the one that cursed her for being dead, so number one they don’t leave me alone and number two so in the ‘villains world’ I can get the number one prize for being the most vindictive, merciless and vicious witch in the world! Win-Win!
Fairies are absolute fools! They do everything for money and they are selfish (not to offend fairy lovers but that’s the truth!). For example, like at the place: the fairies gift were the same thing and were very limited; the first fairy was like ‘oh may this child be as beautiful as a rose’ and the second one was like ‘may our little beautiful princess beautiful as the rising sun’. Why could each fairy give her 10 gifts then? Just say it and the wishes are done. One could have said that she will be beautiful, honest, caring and blah blah blah. But no! They don’t want the princess more beautiful than themselves! If I were invited, I would have given her 50 gifts but alas they lost their chance. Consequently, when I announced about the curse, I made sure that one more fairy’s gift was not told so she can change the curse a little bit. As I said fairies are fools she was just about to give her a gift of being beautiful if it hadn’t for the queen brawling like an ignorant brat! You would have asked that why I didn’t change the curse and the answer is simple. I am a witch and have a stone heart pumping blood all around my body.
You know when I trapped the prince so he couldn’t go and save the princess actually I did it for her own well. If I hadn’t caught the prince the 3rd fairy (I forgot her name) would have married him; thus Aurora would sleep for another 100 years. How do I know? Because when Aurora was awakening the third fairy actually committed suicide and also in the movie it was her twin sister that was present.
You can clap as much as you want because now you know who the real heroine/ lifesaver is. Moral of the story: Fairies are fools so don’t listen to them.

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