Serafina (My Cinderella Story)

Eri Anderson February 15, 2021
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Serafina was admiring herself in the dress she made for the Winter Dance. Her dress was dark blue with white feathers at the end. She was wearing white flats and her hair was pulled into a bun. She had a white snowflake tiara on her head because she was dressing up as a snow princess for the dance. After all, this year it was fairytale-themed. “SERAFINA! GET DOWN HERE AT ONCE!” cried
Serafina’s stepsister, Lily. “Coming, Lily.” Serafina cried back, running to Lily’s room. Lily was bending down with a scowl on her face. “My hem broke, guess you didn’t sew it right,” Lily said glaring at Serafina. Lily was wearing a pink ball gown, with silver sequins decorating the skirt, she was also wearing silver heels with her blonde hair pulled into a braided crown, and atop her head was a silver diamond-studded tiara. Lily held up the part of the dress where the skirt and the bodice formed together, where the rip was. “I can fix that easily, I guess I didn’t sew it on tightly,” Serafina said with a fake smile. Lily was always mean to Serafina, no matter how hard she tries to appease her, I guess you can say she is Serafina’s evil stepsister. “Fix it NOW! I don’t have time, Mother wants pictures of me before the ball.” Lily said with a smirk. Serafina rolled her eyes, Lily always calls normal school dances ‘balls’. Serafina quickly fixed the hem of the dress, and maybe accidentally poked Lily with the needle a couple of times, for good measure. “OW!” Lily screeched when Serafina poked Lily with the needle on accident this time, “STOP, it looks fine, AND QUIT POKING ME WITH THAT NEEDLE!” Lily grabbed the dress and yanked it out of Serafina’s hands and ran downstairs. “Brat,” Serafina muttered. “Sera!” Serafina’s sister, Arriane called. Serafina ran to Arriane’s room, seeing that Arriane needed help putting her hair up. “Help me, please.” Arriane said, wincing as she brushed her knotted hair. “Maybe, you should brush your hair more often, Ari,” Serafina laughed, she started to brush the girl’s white-dyed hair. After she finished putting Arriane’s hair into a ponytail, Arriane put her hands on Serafina’s and whispered, “Stop, I want to keep it down.” Serafina took Arriane’s hair down and fluffed it up a bit. She backed away as Arriane stood up in front of the mirror. Arriane was wearing a black dress with a red hem and red heels, her white hair flowing to her lower back, with the tips dyed red. She had a red crown on her head, with black gems on it. “Come on, we need to get going!” Arriane said yanking her sister out of the room. “Where do you think you’re going, Serafina?” Her stepmother, Jessica’s strident voice said, as she was standing at the staircase with her arms crossed over her chest. Lily was standing behind Jessica with her hands on her hips, and plastered on her face was a smirk. “I-I was going to the school dance.” Serafina stuttered. “I don’t think so, it may be a dance for your school, but there are chores around the house to be done. If you do them on time, that determines if you are going or not.” Arriane stood in front of Serafina and scowled, “That’s not fair, Mother, she cleaned up everything this morning, I think she should go.” Jessica glared at Arriane, “I am not your mother, you will address me as ‘Mrs. Jessica’, like I, have told you before. There are more chores to be done around the house. Maybe I should make the both of you do them. Now quit being such an ignorant child. Gosh, I wish I could expunge you both from my life.” She turned around and started to walk away, “The chore list is on the refrigerator, and please do not step foot in my or Lily’s room.” Jessica added. They both walked out the door, and with a flourish, Lily slammed the door behind them knocking down the coat rack. “Ugh, we are never going to finish on time, this is hopeless!” Serafina said groaning as she picked up the coats. “Never, say never.” Arriane said with a smile. Arriane grabbed Serafina by the arm and yanked her back to her room. “You enjoy dragging me around, don’t you?” Serafina said with a groan. “Nope, you’re just my partner in crime,” Arriane said with a giggle. Arriane flung open her closet door and started to throw things out of her trunk in the bottom of her closet. “Nope, not that, definitely not that,” Arriane said as she threw things out, “AHAH! This is it,” Arriane said as she grabbed a book out of her trunk. “What is that?” Serafina said as Arriane started flipping through the pages of the book. “Eh, it might be a spellbook. Grandma gave it to me before she moved back to California. Now, WHERE is that page. THERE!” Arriane flipped to the page she needed and started to read the spell. “Ping ding, clean this house with a TING!” Arriane yelled as a swirl of black smoke poofed and spread through the house, with a loud TING, sounding off after the smoke cleared. “Wh-what the heck, Ari?!” Serafina said as she rubbed her eyes. “Now the house is clean and all the chores are done, NOW LET’S GO!” Arriane said as she ran downstairs. Serafina shook her head as she followed her sister, Arriane aka the Princess of chaos, downstairs. “Let’s go to that party, Sera, and quit being sooo candid, I can read your mind you know!” Arriane said bouncing out the door. Serafina just stood there, her face as white as a bedsheet. “I was only kidding, let’s go!” Arriane said as they both left for the dance.

~ The End ~

Note~ I made this story for a school project :<

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