Snow White's Dystopia

Gamáh Toney September 29, 2017
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The world was coming to an end, or so it seemed.

A young woman and her lover jumped over every obstacle in search of shelter. The prospect of even living seemed hard now, especially because of the reign of a dictatorial corrupt power.Having been pushed out of their humble home because they had been marked as outlaws against the regime, awaiting their unjust deaths at any point, they struggled and pushed even more to find a safe place to settle for some hours. The woman was with child, a girl, expecting at any moment.

Now, this woman was remarkably beautiful, with beauty that only shined even more in the bleakness of the pale uniforms they were forced to wear. Her daughter would come out as beautiful if not more, but she only prayed that she would have a daughter who would grow to be independent and ingenuitive in the world she was to leave her in.
She and her lover finally came to a haven they deemed safe enough, and the baby girl was delivered. Yet, they knew she had to be hidden somewhere where she would survive, where hopefully the goodness of someone’s heart would allow her to be taken care of. So they wrapped her in a basket with some food, placed her outside an artisan’s home, and hoped for the best.

Not hours later did officials come for them, executing them both on the spot.

A day or two passed, and the artisan, after a day of hard work, came upon the little baby girl in the basket. He asked around about this child, and after no one had claimed her he thought “ I have finally been blessed with a child!”, for he had never married and was of an older age-he desired not to be alone anymore. So the artisan took her in as his own, and gave her the name “Snow White” because her skin was pale as snow.
Snow White grew up to be a smart young woman, always finding ways to make the everyday motions of the old man’s life easier. But the old man couldn’t help but notice with amazement how striking her features were, her beauty. She had pale skin against red lips and dark rich hair. He couldn’t help but be worried for her, as he knew that the dictator in power was one to take women he deemed beautiful into his home and force them to stay in his palace, doing unmentionable things.

Sadly, what he had hoped would never happened occurred on a plain day, unexpected. The dictator ordered all the young women to line up, in the center of the plaza to be “examined and chosen” as one of his special girls. The old man watched in fear as the dictator came upon Snow White, with whom he stopped at immediately and gave a grimacing smile. He ordered his men to grab her and dismissed all the other women. The old man cried in anguish at this, trying to grab her back, but was kicked and slapped down. She knew she should go to preserve her father’s life. With tears streaming down her face, Snow White cried and turned to give him one last longing but hopeful look, with hope in her eyes, as if to say she would avenge all the people of the dictators cruelty, not herself alone.


Now Snow White had lived at the palace for two years, and the dictator favored her very much. He gave her exquisite gifts habitually,made her wear the finest clothing, and made her sleep in the same room as he and his wife, much to her dismay.Snow White was miserable and would often have thoughts of killing him in his sleep, but she knew she had to survive. The palace workers grew to love her sharp mind and ingenuitive nature-she was incredibly doted upon. Although she gained the favor of the dictator and everyone in the palace, little did she know his wife was building up a fervent jealousy that only got worse the more time went on, for she knew Snow was more youthful and extremely beautiful. She knew her husband had gotten tired of her, but she didn’t want to potentially be thrown out. So, she made a plan to kill Snow White.

The dictator’s wife conspired at night, hiring several hitmen to do the job. Snow White for a while had feared that her life would be in jeopardy, as she could sense the hate the wife had for her. This made her nervous and was the for her insomnia for many nights prior. That same night, one of the hitmen, secretly apart of a rebel force conspiring to overtake the dictator, came upon Snow while she was roaming the palace, and said “Miss, you are in great danger, you need to get out of here tonight.The dictator’s wife wants you dead.” Confirming what she feared, Snow White left with the hitman in the night-however, they forgot one important detail-every person in their settlement had a tracker implanted inside their wrist at birth, a practice they forgot hadn’t died in the last 100 years as a way to control the people.

Snow white escapes in the night, rushing to her father and telling him the news, and they leaves the premises of the settlement with help from the hitman. Snow and her father run away and find refuge in a deep cave near a running stream.

Meanwhile, the following day, the dictator’s wife secretly goes into the control room to check if Snow is dead like she had ordered. She was alarmed to see that Snow White’s tracker was still blinking, indicating she was alive, not only that but her father’s as well. Immediately she called the hitmen for a meeting where they were never seen again, having them all shot down as they all entered the room. She planned for whole new team to be sent out to the area where they were hiding, yet found she couldn’t locate them anymore.

The dictator and his wife had forgotten about their disowned and banished son, Prince, whom had joined the rebel cause, building up a pact to someday take down the unjust regime that his father led. While fleeing, Snow White and her father had come across some of his men, who deftly removed their trackers and got them sewed back up and healed in no time. They took them to Prince’s headquarters and they had gained his trust, especially after Snow told her story. Soon after, Prince and Snow became acquainted enjoying each others company, often feeding off each others ingenuity and wisdom. They never blatantly showed romantic interest in the other, but Snow White’s father could tell the amount of admiration and respect they had for each other.

Not long after joining the rebels, did they retaliate against his father’s regime and launch an attack. A great battle had ensued, as the dictator forced people to fight against his son, falsely promising them a better life if they went through with it. In the midst of battle, fighting beside Prince, Snow White is hit
severely and falls unconscious for some time, nearly dying. He and a few men move her to a secluded area. Prince tries everything he could think of to revive her, but she didn’t budge. He cries out, laying his body in anguish, crying and pleading for her life. He then takes her hand and cries out “If there was never a time I told you I loved you, now is the time!! I cannot do this without you…” In that moment where he confesses, holding her body tight toward him, he feels a pulse on her. She wakes up, coughing, gasping for air, and manages to regain her strength back. She lovingly looks him deep in the eyes, takes his hand in hers and kisses it, saying “well let’s go finish this then”.

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