Snowy Trolls

Alexis Matz January 17, 2019
Action/Adventure, Fable, Kids
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Once upon a time, in a small village full of trolls, lived a small troll named Billy. Billy was a very adventurous little troll. Winter was right around the corner, so all of the trolls were preparing for the worst. Trolls were forbidden to leave the village during the cold winter season. Billy’s parents were always so strict when winter came. Billy’s best friends Liam and Charlotte’s parents were more careless and let them play in the snow every winter. But poor little Billy could never leave his home to go into the snow to play with his friends. But this year he was going to change that.
Two weeks later, winter was finally here, and Billy had a plan. Billy wanted to go on a adventure out of the village. He progressed his idea to Charlotte and Liam, they both thought it was a bad idea, but Billy was determined. The first day it snowed Billy told his parents he was going off to Liam’s house. That day he didn’t go to Liam’s, he snuck out.
Once Billy was out of the village he started his expedition. Billy witnessed things he had never seen. It was freezing cold out and fluffy white snow covered the ground. Billy started walking through the winter wonderland. He adventured until he reached a frozen lake. Billy didn’t know where he was going so he had a chance of getting lost. He started walking around the lake when he heard a gentle voice calling. He kept on walking until he could see the outline of another troll. He started calling back and slowly walked forward. There stood another troll who looked just like Billy. “Hello, my name is Nora.” spoke the troll. “Are you lost?” answered Billy. “Yes I’ve been living out here for eleven years, after I deserted my family” Nora responded.
Meanwhile back at the village every troll was looking for Billy. Billy’s parents and friends were very concerned. His parents decided to ask Charlotte and Liam If they knew where he went. They told his parents about Billy’s crazy idea. They both had now felt even more nervous for him. His parents told Charlotte and Liam that eleven years ago his older sister Nora had ran away as well to go on an adventure. They decided to send out a search party for him because they didn’t want to lose another child.
Back in the snowy forest stood two trolls. Nora convinced Billy to turn back and go back to the village. Anyway Billy’s adventure was not over he took her advice and she went back with him. They started walk back in the same direction Billy came from. But it started to snow, heavier, and heavier. They stopped and hid in a big old oak tree for the storm to pass. The search party searched high and low for Billy. Until they came across a big old oak tree with two shaking cold trolls. All of the trolls headed back to the village. There Billy reunited with his parents, when Billy introduced Nora both of their faces lit up. “Nora you’re finally home, I thought we lost you” exclaimed both parents. They explained everything to Billy. Nora was Billy’s older sister who wandered off on an adventure. Billy was sad his adventure was over, but he was happy he had one big happy family and two great best friends.

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