The Adventures of Capybara

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Yekaterinburg (Russia), 2018


In a magical forest
On a beautiful fairy meadow where trees look like lollipops with trunks made of sugar and grass is full of different colors, not only green, but yellow, orange, red, brown or even silver. A little Capybara Zi-Zi in a pink dress walks out from the trees and holds a basket with some tasty treats in it. She is happy, cheerful and she is singing a song:

Capybara is a trend
That I`m going to present
You are already my best friend
Let`s sing and dance without an end

I am charming
I am fancy
You just cannot stop from glancing
My dress is sparkly
My pies are tasty
You just cannot stop from dancing

Capybara is a trend
Which I`m going to present
You are already my best friend
Let`s sing and dance without an end

Zi-Zi. I am a little capybara and my name is Zi-Zi. I came from a faraway land which name is Miracleland. Different fairys, iguanas, herons, capybaras and other marvelous creatures live there. I was invited to the ball by the King of that fairy forest and my granmother Grand Capybara let me go alone as a grown up. She wanted to go with me but she got wrinkles around her eyes and she had to remove them with some magical injections. So the Kings castle is in the middle of the forest and I need to go straight and never turn left or right. Obviously I will meet friends that will help me. My granny gave me magical pies and sweets so I could eat by myself, of course, or share them with friends. Oh, hush, do you hear? I think somebody is coming.
The wind starts to blow harder, leaves are swishing on the trees and suddenly Micey Rat is appearing on the meadow driving a red scooter. She is wearing a grey warm coat and holding an umbrella covered with holes. She stops in front of Zi-Zi and strictly examines her.
MICEY RAT. Well, hi, weirdo…
ZI-ZI. Oh, hi, my dear friend. I am so happy to meet you.
MICEY RAT. I am Micey Rat and I am not your friend at all. I am the master of that meadow. My real friends and I were sitting in my den, drinking last year vinegar when we heard someone singing songs and we did not like it. Merrily, joyously, happily. It`s too much.
ZI-ZI. I am deeply sorry, Micey Rat, I had no idea that this meadow belongs to you. It’s the first time I am here, in this forest.
MICEY RAT. Right… Anyway, what are you doing here?
ZI-ZI. Oh, this is so amazing, you won`t believe this but the King of the fairy forest himself invited me to the ball and my granny let me go like I am a grown up and independent capybara. Can you believe that?
MICEY RAT. What did you say? The King invited you to the ball? But how could he do that?! He has never invited me and I live here for so many years! What is wrong with that King?
ZI-ZI. Well, you see, my granny told me that he invites only talented guests so they could perform on the ball. What kind of talents do you have?
MICEY RAT. What?! I am the most talented creature in this forest. I have tons of talents! Look how am I driving my scooter!
Micey Rat drives around Zi-Zi on her scooter.
MICEY RAT. Also I can whistle professionally and shoot birds with my slingshot!
Micey Rat whistles rather professionally and then takes her slingshot and points on one of the birds ready to shoot.
ZI-ZI. No, no, no, please, don’t do it! You will hurt the birds.
MICEY RAT. Of course, I will hurt them. That is the point. Oh, you are such a sweetheart! (She removes her slingshot). What is so special about you that The King of the fairy forest himself invited you to the ball? What are your talents? I bet that your only talents are a pretty outfit and a charming smile.
ZI-ZI. I can sing songs which I composed by myself. Let me sing to you!
MICEY RAT. I have already heard your singing. I had enough of it.
ZI-ZI. Well, as you wish, of course, but my song is so cheerful and it makes everyone around me happier!
MICEY RAT. Alright, sing but just a few lines.
ZI-ZI (sings). Capybara is a trend
That I`m going to present
You are already my best friend
Let`s sing and dance without an end

I am charming
I am fancy
You just cannot stop from glancing
MICEY RAT. This is disgusting. It`s just too much. Too cheerful. I still cannot believe that he invited you to that ball. Listen, are you Capybara, right? Let’s go to my den with me!
ZI-ZI. But why and for what?
MICEY RAT. A have a party and some of my friends came over. I will bring you and you will sing for us.
ZI-ZI. But I need to go to the ball!
MICEY RAT. That’s ok, you will be on time – don’t worry. Come up on my scooter.
ZI-ZI. Well, my grandma told me that I must meet new friends, so, I will go!
ZI-ZI jumps on the scooter and they drive to the den of Micey Rat. This den is extremely gloomy and dark. Three mice are sitting at the table in grey and dirty dresses and they drink something from old, iron and disgusting glasses. There is nothing on the table but a can of sprat. Micey Rat is proud of her den and she tries to show it.
MICEY RAT. Welcome to my den, Capybara. Stylish, modern and unique, isn’t it? Say hello to my friends: Mouse Clara, Mouse Glasha and Mouse Stinky Dasha.
MOUSE CLARA. What a lunatic did you bring here?
MOUSE GLASHA. She is wearing pink! It is so inappropriate! Uh, I hate it.
MICEY RAT. Yes, ladies, this is Capybara and the King of the fairy forest invited her to the ball!
MOUSE STINKY DASHA. How could he do that?
MOUSE GLASHA. This is so unfair!
MOUSE CLARA. He has never invited us! Never!
ZI-ZI. Dear Mice, maybe you will go with me? What talents do you have?
MOUSE STINKY DASHA. I can easily drink that full glass in a second. Look! (takes a glass and drinks it all in a second). Voila!
Mice and Micey Rat applaud sluggishly.
MOUSE GLASHA. And I can easily jump over that table! (She stands up and slowly, awkwardly climbs over the table, falls down on the ground). Pa-bam!
MOUSE CLARA. I am a very famous singer of this forest! I sing romantic songs. (She hiccups and sings).
I love my vinegar
I drink it everyday.
You know that i`m a star
So, let me feel this way
Micey Rat and her friends applaud but again sluggishly.
ZI-ZI. That was a really nice performance but you must work on your voice a little bit.
MICEY RAT (joins her friends and sits at a table with them). Now you sing for us, Capybara.
ZI-ZI. I will but then I will immediately go to the ball, my friends.

ZI-ZI sings:
Capybara is a trend
That I`m going to present
You are already my best friend
Let`s sing and dance without an end

I am charming
I am fancy
You just cannot stop from glancing

MICEY RAT (interrupts Zi-Zi). Did you hear that? I just cannot handle that! It`s so ridiculous! I brought her to entertain us!
MOUSE CLARA. It`s too optimistic!
MOUSE GLASHA. Yes, and it`s too energetically.
MOUSE STINCKY DASHA. I liked it! Let her sing again!
MICEY RAT. Yes, it`s a good idea, Capybara, sing and dance for us! And then we will take you to our boss – Black Spider Shmaker!
MOUSE STINKY DASHA. Yes, our master likes new admirers!
MOUSE GLASHA. Our beloved lord will be so pleased!
ZI-ZI. My dear friends, this is all very nice but I really need to go to the ball. You know, I guess I understood why are you so sad.
MICEY RAT. What are you talking about? We are normal!
ZI-ZI. Well, you drink from some ugly glasses and you have only one can of sprat on the table. My granny gave me some magical pies so I could share with my new friends. I will give some to you.
ZI-ZI opens up her basket and takes out different colorful cakes and pies: blue, green, yellow, red. They all are covered with berries and fruits. Micey Rat and her friends get up from their places charmed by cakes and they all jump up to Zi-Zi and grab all the cakes, eat them and chew loudly.
MOUSE CLARA. So tasty! I think I am going to sing opera!
MOUSE GLASHA. It`s amazing! (She jumps over the table very actively). Voila!
MOUSE STINKY DASHA. Now I can drink 10 glasses within 1 second.
MICEY RAT. I feel so calm and relaxed…Perfect!
ZI-ZI. Well, I knew you are going to like my treats. Now I need to go! Farewell.
MICEY RAT. No, wait, you must stay! You will dance, sing and cook those delicious cakes from your basket. And then we will take you to our glorious and fantastic Black Spider Shmaker.
MOUSE CLARA. Yes, that’s right!
MOUSE STINKY DASHA. Yes, that’s fair!
ZI-ZI. I don’t see anything fair in that suggestion. I am going away.
MICEY RAT. No, you are not going anywhere! Girls, take her!
Mice and Micey Rat run to ZI-Zi, but she takes magical sparkling dust from her basket and blows those little shiny pieces all over the place but specifically into mice faces.
MICEY RAT (dances all around the den). Everything is so beautiful and blue.
MOUSE GLASHA (dances too). I am going to ride a silver unicorn and fly away from here.
MOUSE STINKY DASHA (sits on the floor). I am in heaven.
MICEY RAT (is laying on the table). How happy I am!
ZI-ZI. Well, now goodbye!
ZI-ZI runs fast from the den holding her basket. She keeps running until she riches the path.
ZI-ZI. I am so lucky that my granny put some magical dust in my basket! Those mice are so crazy! Oh no, now I don’t know where to go! What are these sounds?
Loud sounds of drums, flutes, trumpets, songs and laughter. Suddenly a crowd of circus actors comes out of the forest. ZI-ZI is surrounded by meerkats-acrobats, rabbits – jugglers, hamsters – fire breathers, badgers – strongmen. This loud and joyful company walks by Zi-Zi.
ZI-ZI. I am very sorry to interrupt you but where are you going?
MEERKAT-ACROBAT. I am a meerkat-acrobat and I am going to the ball!
HAMSTER – FIRE BREATHER. I am a hamster – fire breather! Let`s go with us to the Kings palace!
RABBIT – JUGGLER. I am a rabbit – juggler! We are going to amaze the King of a fairy forest!
BADGER-STRONGMAN. I am a badger – strongman. Let`s go to the King of a fairy forest! We must amuse him with our talents!
ZI-ZI. I am invited too but I lost my way.
RABBIT – JUGGLER. Let`s go with us!
Zi-Zi joins the group of circus actors: they sing, dance and play music. Suddenly there is a heavy and white fog everywhere. At first everybody is moving slowly and yawning. Somebody is sleeping. Meerkats-acrobats, rabbits – jugglers, badgers – strongmen, hamsters – fire breathers, – all of them are sleeping tight. Zi-Zi is the only one who is awake; she is walking through the fog and around the circus performers.
ZI-ZI. Wake up, everybody! How can you sleep? What`s wrong with you? We need to go to the ball!
Everybody is sleeping and nobody is paying any attention to Zi-Zi. Eventually the fog is gone and there is a huge Sloth lying in the center of the meadow. He is yawning and looks sleepy as well.
ZI-ZI. Hello, can you imagine – I was going to the ball with these circus actors but they all fell asleep. Maybe you know what is going on?
SLOTH (speaking slowly and sleepy). Darling, this is obvious. You and your friends are in Sleepy Woods of a Great and Mighty Sloth. In my woods. Everybody sleeps here. It`s a rule. It is so nice to be asleep. To dream… So nice… So good…
ZI-ZI. But we are in a hurry! We need to go to the ball. How long are they going to sleep?
SLOTH. Maybe for a year. Maybe, two. I am so shocked that you are awake, little Capybara! You are disturbing everybody! Lay down and try to sleep… Come to our fairy world of dreams.
ZI-ZI. But I have so many important things to do!
SLOTH. How interesting! You are so amusing… Though not really… There is nothing more interesting than a world of dreams! It is full of adventures, light and happiness! Come, come with us! Lay down for a while and try to sleep.
ZI-ZI. Well, if you say so, I will try.
Zi-Zi lays down on the grass trying to sleep but Lazy Sloth is yawning so loud! It is impossible to sleep. Zi-Zi jumps up and scares the Sloth.
ZI-ZI. It is impossible to sleep right now! I must go to the ball! And, by the way, your yawn is very loud!
SLOTH. You are so restless! Look at your friends – they are sleeping so tight. Be like everybody else! Lay down and pretend that you are sleeping.
ZI-ZI. Dear Sloth, I really appreciate your offer. Well, it might be very nice to sleep and do nothing but I really need to go…
ZI-ZI is interrupted by some loud and scary voices. Micey Rat and her friends are singing from the forest.
Capybara, you are trapped,
We will find you – that’s a fact
You will sing for us forever
By the way, you are not so clever!
ZI-ZI. Dear Sloth, please, help me! This is Micey Rat and her friends! Please, let me hide somewhere!
SLOTH. You are so hurry-scurry! So restless! Hide behind the tree. I will tell that you went to the ball. But after that you will go away. Too much bustle because of you!
Zi-Zi hides behind the tree. Micey Rat appears on the meadow riding her scooter. Her friends Mouse Clara, Mouse Glasha and Mouse Stinky Dasha are running after her. They stop abruptly and start to observe the meadow.
MICEY RAT. Silence! (she whispers). Weird creatures in bright and colorful clothes. They look like typical friends of Capybara. Let`s examine their pockets and look for magical cakes or dust. And I will take care of that fatty.
They walk among circus actors and smell around. Mouse Stinky Dasha is examining them through the loupe. Mouse Glasha is searching for some treats in their pockets. Mouse Clara is sleepy, she is sluggishly looking for Zi-Zi.
MICEY RAT (comes up to the Sloth and screams into his ear). Hey, Lazy Sloth!
SLOTH. Yes, my darling!
MICEY RAT. Were you sleeping? I did not mention that. Sorry, if I interrupted you. Are you awake now?
SLOTH. Yes, because of the sound of your sweet and marvelous voice.
MICEY RAT. That’s a lie. I hate when somebody lies to me! I`d rather hear tough and honest words than something syrupy, sugary and luscious.
SLOTH. As you wish, sweetheart.
MICEY RAT. Answer quickly without hesitation – have you seen an extremely cheerful Capybara wearing a pink dress?
SLOTH. Capybara… in a pink dress? Maybe I saw something like that… In one of my dreams!
MICEY RAT. What silly things are you saying? Be serious, please! Are you sleeping again? (she pushes Sloth with her umbrella)
SLOTH. What is going on?! I am just trying to sleep here! Yes, I saw that Capybara and she ran away from here. She was in a hurry and she went to the ball!
MICEY RAT. What? When did you see her?
Sloth fell asleep. Micey Rat pushes him with her umbrella and wakes him up.
SLOTH. How rude you are! She was here just a few moments ago! If you hurry up you will find her! Go, go, go!
MICEY RAT. Lets go!
Micey Rat jumps on the scooter and her friends join her. They drive away. Zi-Zi comes out to the meadow.
ZI-ZI. Dear Mr Sloth! You helped me so much! Thank you!
SLOTH. This rat is outrageous! Now I have a headache! And I will have nightmares because of her.
ZI-ZI. How can I thank you?
SLOTH. Run to the ball as fast as possible! Hurry up, my dear!
ZI-ZI. Well, alright, I will but…
SLOTH. But what?
ZI-ZI. You know, I am scared to go through the forest alone. What if Micey Rat and her friends find me?
SLOTH. You cause me so many troubles. What should I do with you?! I have an idea! Let me wake up the Meerkat –acrobat for you. He will lead you!
Sloth snaps his fingers and Meerkat – acrobat wakes up.
MEERKAT–ACROBAT. What happened? What is going on? Where is the King of the Fairy forest? Why are my brothers sleeping?
Suddenly the white fog becomes heaver and thicker. The sloth snaps his fingers and disappears with all circus actors. Zi-Zi and meerkat –acrobat stay alone among the fog. But slowly the fog vanishes too and there are a lot of black, gloomy trees and an owl with green, sparkling eyes. It is very dark. Bats are flying everywhere.
ZI-ZI. Now I want to go home so badly. Why did I even decide to go to that ball?! I wish I could stay home and eat strawberry muffins with an onion jam. What is that place?
The owl hoots.
MEERKAT-ACROBAT. What happened? I was just walking with my brothers through the forest, we were going to the ball but then I don’t remember anything. It`s a total blackout. What are we doing in that weird place?
ZI-ZI. So many questions! I wish I could go alone.
MEERKAT-ACROBAT. What about my circus brothers? Who was that fat guy snapping his fingers?
ZI-ZI. He is the master of the Sleepy Woods. I am very sorry but your brothers are sleeping.
MEERKAT-ACROBAT. But why did I wake up?
ZI-ZI. I was very scared to go alone because Micey Rat is chasing me. Mr Great and Mighty Sloth woke you up so you could protect me.
MEERKAT-ACROBAT. But my brothers and I prepared a performance for The King of a fairy forest. We worked so hard. We were getting ready for this for such a long time.
ZI-ZI. Yes, that might be sad…We must find out where are we. This place is so awkward. Mr Owl, could you, please, tell me where are we exactly? Which way to the ball?
The owl hoots.
ZI-ZI. So untalkative. Oh, what`s that?
There is a golden thread lying on the ground. ZI-ZI takes it and it turns out that there is a huge net that covers everything.
ZI-ZI. How interesting. Thread made of gold. Maybe it will lead us to the ball?
MEERKAT-ACROBAT. Year, maybe it will lead us back to my brothers?
Zi-Zi and meerkat are exploring that golden net and there is something going on – the meadow is becoming lighter. It turns out that all the trees are covered with that golden net. Now it`s bright everywhere – darkness is gone. Huge Black Spider is standing behind Zi-Zi and Meerkat-Acrobat.
BLACK SPIDER. Wow, we are having some guests here!
Meerkat – acrobat jumps into Zi-Zi paws.
ZI-ZI. Who are you?
BLACK SPIDER. I am the famous and glorious Black Spider. My name is illustrious Shmaker. I know everything and about everybody. I am the smartest, the most talented and gorgeous! I am magnificent!
ZI-ZI. Please, tell us how…
BLACK SPIDER. Shut up! I hate when someone else is speaking. I can`t stand the sound of someone’s voice.
He throws the net above Meerkat and Zi-Zi and ties them down.
BLACK SPIDER. It is so nice when everybody is silent and I am the only one who speaks. Why am I doing everything on my own? What on earth are my servants doing?
Micey Rat, Mouse Clara, Mouse Glasha and Mouse Stinky Dasha are running out.
MICEY RAT. Please, forgive us, my lord, my master!
MOUSE GLASHA. Have mercy!
MOUSE CLARA. We were parking our scooter.
BLACK SPIDER. Shut up! Shut up immediately! Tie them up properly! Why do I need to repeat everything for so many times?!
Micey Rat and her partners are fixing the net around Zi-Zo and Meerkat – Acrobat and gagging them.
MICEY RAT WITH HER PARTNERS IN CRIME. Oh, our lord, our glorious and illustrious Shmaker! Our gorgeous master, we glorify and praise you!
They bow down to Black Spider.
BLACK SPIDER. Please, shut up! Stop that filthy flattery. The only thing you can do in your life is to flatter. (Pause). Finally! Silence and I have a bunch of devoted admires. Bring me my royal gown and a microphone.
Micey Rat and her friends give a long, sparkly gown and a microphone to Black Spider.
BLACK SPIDER (takes a microphone and puts on the gown; starts to check the microphone). One-two, one-two, one-two, one-two… Betty and Bob brought back blue balloons from the big bazaar… Is this the thing? This is the thing…She sells seashells on the seashore … Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! I am so happy to see you on my show! The most fantastic and fabulous show in the world! The show of the most gorgeous, smartest and unbelievably talented Black Spider Shmaker!
MICEY RAT (with Mouse Clara, Mouse Glasha and Mouse Stinky Dasha). La-la-la-la… Sha-la-la-la…La-la-la-la…Pa-pa-pa…
BLACK SPIDER. No, do not sing while I’m performing! Dance! But, please, stop singing.
Micey Rat and her partners are standing like soldiers now and they dance very decently.
BLACK SPIDER. I am so tired of you… So, let`s continue our show! The most fabulous show of all times! I am going to make a quiz! I am going to ask you questions and I am going to answer them as well. My first question is: «Which representative of the Fairy Forest is the slowest and the laziest»?
Mouse Glasha waves her hand but Micey Rat stops her and shows her some signs to quit those attempts. Zi-Zi and Meerkat-Acrobat are just exchanging shocking glances.
BLACK SPIDER. Does anybody know the right answer? No one? This is so sad. So sad. Am I the only one who knows the right answer? Really? Though it is obvious that only I do know the answer. Sloth is the slowest and the laziest member the Fairy Forest! But don’t be despair. Maybe you guess the next answer… What is the question?! Micey! Rat!
MICEY RAT. Yes, your majesty. Just a second. (she gives a paper with a question to Black Spider)
BLACK SPIDER. Ok, yes, here it is, of course… How many months do we have in a year?
Mouse Stinky Dasha knows the answer! She wants to scream it but Micey Rat closes her mouth with her paw.
BLACK SPIDER. Really? Again nobody knows?! But this is so easy! Everybody knows that! There are 12 months in a year! 12! Only I know everything!
MICEY RAT. Yes, my Lord! You are the smartest and the greatest Black Spider on Earth!
BLACK SPIDER. Please, don’t talk without my allowance! I am the greatest in the Universe! Not only on Earth. Let`s continue my fantastic Black Spider Shmaker Show! The show full of joy, laughter and glamour!
MICEY RAT. La-la-la-la…
BLACK SPIDER. I have been very clear – dance but don`t sing! Why is it so difficult to understand?! Are you even paying attention to my words?! You are so inattentive! I am so tired from you! I am so tired! I am so miserable! I have to do everything on my one! I am always alone! Always! Miserable and lonely! (Pause). Why are they going to the ball? It is so joyful and happy. Happiness is harmful for your health. My show is more useful. So, let’s continue my quiz. Tell me this – from what material my threads are made of?
Mouse Clara is waving her hand – she wants to answer but Micey Rat stops her.
BLACK SPIDER. So, once again nobody knows the right answer. This is so sad, I am so disappointed.
MOUSE CLARA (she shouts). From clay! From brown clay that we find on the swamp. We carry it to you in a heavy carts, hurting our backs.
Suddenly the lightning flashes, the bats are flying everywhere; owls eyes are green and glowing!
BLACK SPIDER. Yes, mouse, you are right! It`s fantastic but you gave a correct answer! You guessed! Now I need my clay for my net! Where is my clay? Where is it?
The wind blows stronger, black needles on the trees are sparkling.
MICEY RAT. We could not bring you clay, my illustrious lord – we were busy with searches of Capybara. We know how much do you like new admires in your nets so we thought that…
BLACK SPIDER (shouts). I don`t need you to think! The only person who is able to think here is me! I am tired from the quiz! I need my clay! Right now! Immediately bring me my clay!
MICEY RAT. We will run and bring as much clay as we can!
BLACK SPIDER. No, I will be bored. You distressed me! You tortured me! I am exhausted.
MOUSE GLASHA. Let`s untie Capybara and she will sing a very funny song for you!
BLACK SPIDER. No, I don`t need this. I will sing by myself because I am the best singer of that forest. Also I am a songwriter… So…
(Black Spider coughs for a long time and then starts singing)

You are my angel
My sweet fantasia,
My lovely peanut,
My dear salvation.

You are so pure,
You are perfection.
I love you deeply,
My best sensation.

Please, be my sunshine,
My sun and moonlight
I love you deeply
My sweet potato.

I am so happy
When you are smiling
Let`s smile together
And let my love last forever

There is a small pause, when the Black Spider is standing with his head down in a great sadness. Micey Rat and her partners start to clap after some time.
MICEY RAT. Bravo! Fantastic!
MOUSE GLASHA. Remarkable!

They applaud.
BLACK SPIDER. Yes, I dedicated this song to one iguana.
MOUSE GLASHA. Your unbelievable awesomeness, may I speak?
MOUSE GLASHA. Capybara has such an amazing delights in her basket.
Micey Rat and her friends sigh wistfully.
BLACK SPIDER. Really? I love to eat and especially delights. Well, regale me with those treats.
Micey Rat and her friends grab the basket and drag it towards the Black Spider. Shmaker eats some cakes. He eats and eats and he cannot stop.
BLACK SPIDER. This is delicious! I have never eaten anything like this. Micey Rat and all of you, do you want to try? Come on, try with me.
Micey Rat and her partners cheerfully run and eat those cakes. They all smile and continue to chew.
BLACK SPIDER. This is delicious! What else do we have here, in this basket? Some kind of a sparkling dust?
Micey Rat tries to say something and to stop the Spider but she has too many cakes in her mouth. Shmaker puts some dust into his paw and blows it. Everything around them is covered with sparkling dust: Micey Rat and mice are all covered with sparkles.
BLACK SPIDER. How wonderful! How amazing I feel myself! Rat, mice, you are so cute! So funny and adorable! I think that I have something like a feeling in my soul! Unbelievable! Let`s dance!
They all dance and laugh.
MOUSE GLASHA. You know, I have a feeling that we need to release Capybara and her friend.
BLACK SPIDER. Of course, let them go!
Micey Rat and her friends are releasing Zi-Zi and Meerkat Acrobat.
MEERKAT ACROBAT (furiously). How dare you?! I am a Meerkat! I am an acrobat! (he runs towards Black Spider, jumps on his back and kicks him but Shmaker has a very strong cloak) I will punish you! You are in trouble!
BLACK SPIDER (takes meerkat with his paw and removes him of his cloak). You are so cute, so precious, such a tiny little, funny creatures. Would you like to make golden nets together? Lets go to the swamp and take some mud for the net.
ZI-ZI (holds Meerkat – acrobat and tries to take him away). Thank you for your offer but we are in a hurry.
BLACK SPIDER. Yes, of course, I forgot! You are going to the ball! Micey Rat, Clara, Glasha and Stinky Dasha, go and get that cart with clay or what do we use and take our guests to the bus station. There you will take a trolleybus to the castle.
Micey Rat drops a curtsy, graciously runs away with her friends and they immediately come back with the cart.
BLACK SPIDER. My darling mice, how did you make it so fast?
MICEY RAT. We have so much power, so much energy. Hey, Capybara, meerkat, jump into the cart! Let`s go!
Zi-Zi and acrobat are jumping into the cart.
BLACK SPIDER. My lovely mice! Good luck, my friends! But, Micey Rat, please, come back as fast as you can. Let`s make nets from the clay together!
Black Spider takes the nets into his claws, looks at them with admiration, murmurs or sings something to himself and goes deep into the forest. Micey Rat and her assistants are driving Zi-Zi with Meerkat acrobat through the forest.
MEERKAT ACROBAT (whispers to Zi-Zi). What happened to them? They were so fierce and cruel, they attacked us and now – they are so kind and happy. Why?
ZI-ZI. My magical treats work this way!
MEERKAT ACROBAT. For how long will it last?
ZI-ZI. I don’t know. Last time it was quick and they became angry again.
MEERKAT-ACROBAT. I wish they would drive us as fast as possible.
The cart is driving through the forest. Micey Rat sings something joyful and her assistants join her. Finally they reach the destination. On the trolleybus station there are a lot of fairies, elf’s, musicians with drums, guitars and other instruments. Cats – opera singers, herons – ballerinas, rhinoceros – violists, foxes – saxophonists, iguanas – oriental dancers, otters – flutists: they all hang out and wait for the trolley.
MICEY RAT. Here we are! Goodbye, cheerful Capybara. Have a safe road and a good ball!
ZI-ZI. Thank you, Micey Rat. Thank you, Mouse Glasha, Mouse Clara and Mouse Stinky Dasha. I hope I will never see you again!
MICE (all together). Bye-bye, Capybara, and sweet Meerkat-acrobat!
Mice sit into the old, dirty cart and Micey Rat drives them back to their beloved master.
ZI-ZI. We are free! I wish that trolley would come as fast as possible. Look at those beautiful fairies, at their costumes!
MEERKAT-ACROBAT. So sad that my brothers are sleeping in that Sloth`s sleepy woods.
ZI-ZI. Don`t think about them. Let them sleep. It is necessary.
ZI-ZI. Everything in life happens for a good reason – my granny says so.
MEERKAT-ACROBAT. What is your name?
ZI-ZI. Zi-Zi and I am from a fairy and wonderful Miracleland, where everybody is friendly and happy.
MEERKAT-ACROBAT. I would love to live in your land. You know, once hamster – fire breather put sharp pieces of candy into my shoe and he told me that my acrobatic tricks are boring.
ZI-ZI. How could he do that? And I composed a song by myself and I am going to sing it on the ball.
MEERKAT-ACROBAT. Will you sing it to me?
ZI-ZI. Later. Lets come closer to the fairies and musicians – it feels safer.
The trolleybus comes and it`s pink, with many posters on it. The King of the forest is portrayed on the posters: he is handsome with kind eyes and charming smile. He has a crown made of leaves, grass and fir – cones. Everybody at the station is happy, cheerful and all of them come into the trolley. Conductor – crocodile walks through the bus and checks passengers tickets.
ZI-ZI. Micey Rat and Black Spider took my basket. There was a ticket to the ball. They won`t let me!
MEERKAT-ACROBAT. Zi-Zi, I will show my acrobatic tricks to the conductor – crocodile and you will sing. He will understand that we have talents and we will get to the ball.
Conductor – crocodile approaches Meerkat – Acrobat and Zi-Zi.
CONDUCTOR-CROCODILE. Your tickets, please.
MEERKAT-ACROBAT. You see, here is the thing: I was going to the ball with my fellow circus actors. We have prepared a huge show for the King. Then I fell asleep. Then some fat guy woke me up and I met Zi-Zi. Some giant spider captured us…
Zi-Zi. He tortured us: he was asking quiz questions and answered them by himself.
Everybody at the trolley wows in shock.
ZI-ZI. He took my ticket but, honestly, I am invited to the ball.
CONDUCTOR-CROCODILE. Well, well… We have frauds here… Tricky storytellers. Out of the trolleybus, please!
Conductor – crocodile whistles to the driver to stop the trolley.
IGUANA – ORIENTAL DANCER. I am an Iguana – Oriental Dancer and I know that Spider they mentioned – this is Black Spider Shmaker! The most arrogant and insensitive spider I have ever met.
CAT-OPERA SINGER. I am a cat – opera singer and I heard about him too. He makes golden nets from some mud. He is the most villainous and filthy resident of the forest. He is absolutely tone deaf.
FOX- SAXOPHONIST. I am a fox – saxophonist, and once I got into Spiders nets too. He took my sax and started making some silly melodies. It was awkward.
CONDUCTOR – CROCODILE. Well, well, I see now. To make everything properly I ask you to sing or dance and to show me your talent.
Meerkat-acrobat makes a cartwheel and they start to dance with Zi-Zi.
Zi-Zi (sings).
Capybara is a trend
That I`m going to present
You are already my best friend
Let`s sing and dance without an end

I am charming
I am fancy
You just cannot stop from glancing
My dress is sparkly
My pies are tasty
You just cannot stop from dancing

Capybara is a trend
Which I`m going to present
You are already my best friend
Let`s sing and dance without an end

MEERKAT –ACROBAT. Wow! I like your song.
CONDUCTOR – CROCODILE. Well, fine, I believe you. You can stay.
Everybody is dancing in the trolleybus and getting ready for the ball. Someone sings, someone dances or starches, someone plays their instruments.
MEERKAT-ACROBAT. We are here! Look! There is a castle!
There is a huge castle in the forest: covered with jewels, silver and gold. The porch is marble and there is a garden with exotic plants in front of it. There are different kinds of delicacies hanging on the bushes: cheese, sausages, sweets, baklava, dumplings, halva, pomegranate, persimmon, pumpkin pies and other delights. There are a lot of buffet tables with delicacies: salads, cakes, fruits, puddings, pizza`s, burgers and other things. The castle is shining and sparkling. There is a King of the Fairy Forest sitting on the porch. He wears a moss coat and a crown studded with jewels. Trolleybus stops: fairies fly out, elf’s, musicians, cats – opera singers, herons – ballerinas, rhinoceros – violinists, foxes – saxophonists, iguanas – oriental dancers, otters – flutists: everybody runs to the King of the forest.
EVERYBODY (says it in chorus). Hello, hello, dear King of the Fairy Forest!
The King is very sad – he sits on the stairs and doesn’t respond to greetings and shouts.
THE KING. Hello, my dear guests.
ZI-ZI. Why are you so sad, my beloved king?
THE KING. My dear guests, i`ve been waiting for you for so long. I wanted to celebrate your talents. I am so happy to see you but a real misfortune happened.
Otters drop their flutes, rhinoceros drop their violins, foxes – their saxophones, fairies faint.
THE KING. My lovely castle is flooded. Moose – plumbers tried so hard to fix it but nothing helped. The ballroom is flooded. I don’t know what to do.
MEERKAT-ACROBAT. Don’t worry! We will help you! So many of us are here and ready to help!
THE KING. I am delighted to see you all but we need to put off our ball. Our castle is not ready at all.
CAT-OPERA SINGER. But why? I was ready to sing my beautiful opera. I am so confused! My nerves are bad (he takes some of his relaxing mint and smells it).
FAIRY. We were preparing and trying so hard. I had to buy new shoes.
FOX-SAXOFONIST. This is a trivial chicken soup. I thought there is going to be a good, full, spicy tom-yam but this is just an empty bouillon.
THE KING. I know, I know, my friends, I am so sorry. Eat delicacies from the trees, try something from the buffet tables. I don’t know what to do – the castle is flooded. So sorry but we will have to delay our ball.
Some of the fairies, cats – opera singers and others go and eat but some of the guests stay and wait for something.
MEERKAT-ACROBAT. No, no, Mr King of the forest, we will fix everything and help you!
THE KING. Thank you so much, meerkat-acrobat, what`s your name again?
THE KING. Meerkat Alejandro! Organize everything here! Someone will help you obviously. But eat first of all!
The king of the fairy forest discusses something with moose – plumbers.
ZI-ZI. Alejandro, I am so sad. I was getting ready for the ball, trying so hard to make my song better. There were so many things that happened to me in that forest: spider, Micey Rat and all that. I am so sad! (Zi-Zi cries)
MEERKAT-ACROBAT. Don’t cry, Zi-Zi! Please, don’t cry! You have your song! Please, sing to me!
ZI-ZI. Capybara is a trend that I`m going to present… You are already my best friend… Let`s sing and dance without an end… (Zi-Zi cries again)
THE KING. What a cutie! Such a sweet, nice, little capybara! Don’t worry! You and Alejandro are such a good team! Please, help me if you can, be so kind!
The King of a Fairy forest tears off a persimmon from the tree and gives it to Zi-Zi.
THE KING. Here is a persimmon. Come on, try it. I will go and discuss the situation with moose-plumbers. We will figure out what to do all together.
The King goes to the castle. Cats eat, fairies eat, – everybody is eating and chewing loudly.
ZI-ZI. This persimmon is so tasty!
MEERKAT-ACROBAT. I think we should add some baklava. Would you like some?
ZI-ZI. Yes, thank you.
Alejandro takes some baklava from the tree. They eat persimmon with the desert. Cats sing again, iguanas dance, fairies dance, otters play their flutes, foxes play their saxophones, rhinoceros play violins, – everybody is happy again.
ZI-ZI. I am so happy again! Let`s go and clean the castle!
MEERKAT-ACROBAT. Come on, guys, let`s rock and roll!
A huge crowd goes to the castle. Elf`s and fairies fly. Ballroom is huge: there is a dome, walls are decorated with paintings and frescos but it`s flooded – water is everywhere! Cats, foxes, iguanas, otters, fairies, elfs, – everybody takes mops, some rags and start to clean the castle.
ZI-ZI (squeezes a rag into the bucket). That could be worse, of course, but still that is not what I expected from that trip.
MEERKAT-ACROBAT. You know, Zi-Zi, life is like a zebra with black and white stripes. Black or white, black or white…
ZI-ZI. My granny says that life is not only black or white but it`s full of different colors.
MEERKAT-ACROBAT. Yes, exactly, even pink like your dress.
FOX-SAXOFONIST. Nonsense! I wanted grandiosity, extravaganza, the fountain of feelings and emotions but I got just a mixture of disappointment and frustration.
ZI-ZI. Eat some persimmon or candies from the trees – you will feel better.
CAT-OPERA SINGER (also squeezes a wet rag into the bucket). I just need a real celebration! I need a ball! I am a singer! I was preparing, I was rehearsing! I cannot wash that floors anymore! My nerves are so bad! (takes his relaxing mint out from his pocket and smells it)
FAIRY. I am so mad! I am a fairy from a Miracleland: I bought a new magic wand, got wet in the rain, almost caught a cold, some lazy fat guy made me sleep in the forest. Now I am washing that floors! Do I look like a cleaner? I will complain to the king of my country – Miracleland!
IGUANA – ORIENTAL DANCER. Yes, I am from Miracleland too! We will write a complain! I destroyed my dress: all crystals fell off! What kind of cleaner from the gracious Iguana?
CAT-OPERA SINGER. You are not a cleaner, my lady! You are a gorgeous dancer! This is so unexpected! I am so worried! I need to calm my nerves! (smells a bun of mint again)
The King and Conductor-Crocodile enter the Ballroom. The King wears black rubber boots, a crown from lingonberries and a coat from pine cones.
THE KING (refers to Meerkat-Acrobat). Alejandro, Conductor-Crocodile told me about your adventures in the forest. This is so fascinating! You know, i`ve decided: you and Zi-Zi must get married.
ZI-ZI. No way! I don`t have a wedding dress!
THE KING. That is fine. We cannot make a ball – the ballroom is flooded but we can have a party outside. We have a lot of food, we have musicians, singers, dancers here. Let`s celebrate the wedding!
FAIRY. What a fantastic idea!
FOX-SAXOFONIST. This is so boring. We will have to play some trivial wedding melodies.
CAT-OPERA SINGER. This is so unexpected but I congratulate you! I am so nervous! My nerves are so bad !(once again smells a bun of mint)
IGUANA-ORIENTAL DANCER. This is so marvelous! Wedding is an amazing idea!
THE KING. Alright then. You can lead the bride to the guest room and while she is preparing I will ask Conductor – crocodile to tell everyone in the forest that the ball is cancelled and there is going to be the wedding of Zi-Zi and Meerkat-Acrobat.
Fairies and elf`s carry Zi-Zi to the castle rooms: they dress her up, fly all over her, fix her makeup and put a beautiful wedding dress on her.
ZI-ZI (looks at herself in the mirror). How beautiful! I wish my granny could see me.
FAIRY. Maybe someone tells her that the ball is cancelled. Zi-Zi, meerkat-acrobat will be a wonderful husband.
ZI-ZI. Yes, I think so too. The King likes him but I would like my granny to see him. Don’t you think that his name is a little bit weird?
FAIRY. I didn’t think about that… I think it`s normal. Well, that name can be changed anyway.
The King in a coat from golden shells and in a pearl and coral crown is installing tables and chairs for the wedding with Meerkat-acrobat and other guests. Suddenly a lightning flashes on the meadow. Grand Capybara appears in a pink knitted shawl and in a black stylish dress. She looks at everybody royally. Comes up to the Forest King.
GRAND CAPYBARA. Well, hello, King of the Fairy Forest!
FOREST KING. Grand Capybara! I can`t believe you are here! Long time no see!
GRAND CAPYBARA. What are you trying to say? That I am old? What`s going on with my poor granddaughter? Bats – postmen told me about that disgusting spider Shmaker, about his rats! I immediately flew here on my magical shawl. I thought that The Forest King would take care of an innocent child but what do I see here? Have you lost your mind?
THE KING. Grand Capybara, please, don`t worry. Alejandro is a decent meerkat. Let`s drink cranberry juice. So fresh! Moose just squeezed! Alejandro, Zi-Zi`s grandmother is very famous in the magical world!
MEERKAT-ACROBAT. I am so happy to meet you, grandmother! I am meerkat-acrobat…
GRAND CAPYBARA. Stay silent! (she blows magical dust on him)
Meerkat Alejandro is wandering among bushes with delights. He has a blissful smile on his face and he makes some acrobatic tricks and laughs. Zi-Zi comes out from the castle accompanied by fairies and elf’s. She is wearing a wedding dress.
Zi-Zi (mentions Grand Cappybara and runs to her). Granny! I am so happy!
GRAND CAPYBARA (hugs her granddaughter). You are wearing such a beautiful dress. You look so fresh! Maybe this wedding is not a bad idea.
THE KING. Come on, let`s celebrate!
ZI-ZI. Granny, you are so beautiful!
GRAND CAPYBARA. Alright, let`s do it! Let`s celebrate!
THE KING. Of course! Everybody, lets unite and join the table!
MEERKAT-ACROBAT (wanders among guests gleefully). Come on, guys, let`s rock and roll!
GRAND CAPYBARA. Wait a second!
THE KING. Why? What else?
GRAND CAPYBARA. What is the name of Meerkat-Acrobat?
THE KING. Does it really matter?
THE KING. Arnold or Alejandro. But why?
GRAND CAPYBARA. No way! (blows magical sparkling dust on Meerkat – Acrobat again). Now your name is Edmund. Alright, now they can get married. There are wonderful polecats – lawyers in Miracleland just in case.
FOX-SAXOPHONIST. Dear Madam Capybara, may I ask you a question?
GRAND CAPYBARA. Yes, you may.
FOX-SAXOPHONIST. When Zi-Zi grows up, she becomes larger than meerkat-acrobat and he won`t be able to carry her in his paws. What then?
GRAND CAPYBARA. So then Zi-Zi will carry Edmund in her paws.
Zi-Zi and Edmund kiss.
THE KING. My dear guests, I invite you to our celebration! Zi-Zi and Edmund are getting married!
Everybody gathers by the table. Iguanas dance belly – oriental dances, cats sing opera, foxes play saxophones, otters play flutes, herons show ballet. The King of the forest sits at the main place, at the head of the table, with Zi-Zi, Edmund and Grand Capybara. Granny and granddaughter are singing their favorite song:
Capybara is a trend
That I`m going to present
You are already my best friend
Let`s sing and dance without an end

I am charming
I am fancy
You just cannot stop from glancing
My dress is sparkly
My pies are tasty
You just cannot stop from dancing

Capybara is a trend
Which I`m going to present
You are already my best friend
Let`s sing and dance without an end

The End

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