The Arrogant King, The Silver Dam, and The Sleeping VIceroy

North Uldra November 9, 2021
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King Edison is known as the most famous king at that time. He has a wife named Gretta, and has an only son named Jacen. But behind his fame, King Edison was very arrogant, and did not like tribes who believed in their ancestors and thought that ancestors did not exist and were mere myths. It was his arrogance and anti-ancestor principles that made him hated by the entire kingdom, a far cry from his wife and son who were loved by the entire kingdom for their kindness and hospitality.

One day, their kingdom paid a visit to Aræni Island. King Edison with his son and his guards explored the island until they did not know that the people on the island believed in their ancestors, namely the spirits in the form of flowers, each of which symbolizes different human characteristics. They believe that jasmine symbolizes purity, hibiscus flowers symbolize happiness, roses symbolize patience and so on. The flowers are often used as offerings to worship spirits by the people on the island. Prince Jacen was amazed to see the beauty of Aræni Island which was soothing to the eyes and the life of the people who really loved flowers and thought that all flowers were sacred plants. “How beautiful this island is, the scenery is soothing to the eyes and lots of flowers grow here. So it’s not surprising that the people love flowers and consider them as offerings to worship their ancestors who are privileged,” said Prince Jacen with a smile.

Prince Jacen went through the forest on the island of Aræni alone while the others were watching. Without realizing it, he met a girl who lived on the island of Aræni who was playing a musical instrument to worship her ancestors with an offering of edelweiss flowers. He approached the girl and asked, “I saw you playing a musical instrument. What are you playing here?” The girl replied, “I’m here playing the harpsichord. Do you want to play the harpsichord with me?” Prince Jacen replied, “I can’t play it. I just want to see your harpsichord playing. My name is Jacen, and what is your name?” the girl replied, “Okay, you want to see me play. My name is Amelia,”
“Amelia? Beautiful name. Nice to meet you,”
“Nice to meet you too, Your Majesty,”
“Ah, don’t bother calling me by that title. Just call me Jacen,”
“Oh, nice to meet you, Jacen,”

Secretly friends with Amelia, the prince was happy to have a new friend. Unfortunately, his father finds out about his son’s friendship and the beliefs of his ancestors on the island. Therefore, they built a silver dam as a sign of hatred for the ancestors of the Aræni people. The construction of the dam dredged the soil and picked all the flowers around the river which made the people of Aræni Island angry and felt humiliated. Instead of making peace, they actually made war between the parties after the silver dam was completed. The fierce battle that made several people injured, and some to death. Until finally Prince Jacen fell unconscious. Instead of helping, King Edison assumed that his son had just died. Because of the news, several people refuted the king’s words and checked the heartbeat of the unconscious Jacen. “This is a lie! He is still alive and his heart is beating very slowly. Doesn’t His Majesty the King believe it? Huh?!” But the king did not want to hear the words of the people and instead continued to fight. In the end, King Edison’s soldiers and bodyguards were cursed into boulders.

Knowing this, Amelia was worried to see Jacen lying unconscious. Amelia immediately played the piano loudly in front of the battle site to make King Edison unable to hear and fled until he fell into a ravine. After King Edison’s death, Amelia plays a slow and gentle song to save Jacen’s life. After rescuing Jacen, Amelia and the unconscious Jacen leave Aræni Island and go to Jacen’s kingdom. And finally Amelia is happy with her new life and Jacen is crowned king even though he is unconscious. One kingdom wept in tears to see Jacen crowned while his eyes were still closed. In the end, King Jacen was called the Sleeping Viceroy. for being crowned in an unconscious state.

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