The Austin Witch

Devyn Hightower October 27, 2017
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I just moved to the city of Austin, Texas. Being a woman of color, it has been difficult for me to find employment, therefore the only apartment I could afford was one in a beat down part of town. Due to its location, there was a lot of crime and I went to sleep terrified. Walking outside was not something I enjoyed, as I would get called “witch.”
Whether I was going to work, school and even grocery shopping, I would hear men yell at me, “Look, the witch is out!” Maybe it was the bump on my large nose combined with my black skin, but I felt so out of place. In the country that holds so much promise, I never felt so discouraged. After hearing this for the past few months, I began to grow numb to the new name I acquired.

Then I met Andrew.

Andrew heard my nick name that I would be called, and he looked past it. Night after night we spent, and he didn’t see the dark color of my skin that I was judged for, or the bump on my nose. He helped me feel like I belong in a world where society told me I don’t. One night Andrew came back from work to find out that he got laid off. Devastated, I knew I had to do something to help him.
I had the idea to try and cast a spell, I mean after all, I’m a witch, right? I reached for a book my grandma gave me when I was a little girl. I opened the book and recited the first spell I could read. “Boom bang, ring rong! I’m the witch, help me out of this situation that seems wrong!” The second it came out of my mouth, I felt something that I cannot describe.
Immediately after the spell was spoken, Andrew got a call that a he got a job he applied for. I did it! I finally realized that I was a witch, and that I should have never let what the men outside said hurt my feelings! Now I can begin to help others with my powers for good, and get recognition despite my black skin and bumpy nose.
Andrew fell in love with me as much as I did with him, and he embraced my new found calling as a witch. We got married, and now I am not longer afraid to show the world who I truly am inside, a good witch. Overcoming my adversities in a town that I couldn’t fit into, actually helped me fit in. I’m embracing my new identity, I’m not just a “good” witch, but I’m an Austin Witch.

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