The Beast Within

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I awaken in total darkness. My skin is sticky, and the room smells of old pennies. At least I hope it’s a room, I could never predict where I would wake up these days. I groaned as I attempted to sit up, my head was pounding and my mouth was dry. Okay, okay, time to figure out where I am. I felt around the room in search of something that would indicate where I had been sleeping. My hands found only cool liquid and stone floors. Okay could be my basement. Or a cave in the middle of the woods. Let’s hope for the first one. I managed to get to my feet with some effort, my muscles screaming in protest, and shuffled toward what I hoped would be a wall with a light switch on it, not a cave wall. I sighed in relief as I felt the wall, leaning against it I slid along until I found the switch and braced myself for the light. Flinching as the light comes on, I take in my surroundings. Dammit. I hold back sobs as I see the room is covered in crimson blood. That is way more than any rabbit could produce. What have I done this time? I don’t start panicking too much just yet, I usually bleed when I change back, and it could just be my blood. Or not. I take a deep breath as I start to recognize where I am, Mrs. Laurie’s basement. She is the only one who knows about what I am, I probably just found my way here after I changed that’s all. Oh no, she told me her granddaughter was coming for a visit, I hope she didn’t see me. I made my way up the stairs slowly, still drained from the night before. When I got to the basement door, I noticed claw marks on the frame along with blood. That’s weird, usually Mrs. Laurie sedates me before she brings me down. I open the door carefully, not sure what to expect. The door opens to the kitchen, and it is a complete wreck, cabinets torn apart, food strewn across the floor, but no blood thankfully. The silence frightens me, the clock on the wall indicates that it is 1pm, and Mrs. Laurie gets up early in the morning, as older folk do. I follow the path of destruction to the back bedroom. Mrs. Laurie’s room. No no no no… This never happens this didn’t happen no way. I cannot hold back my quiet sobs anymore once I reach the bedroom, as it is covered in more blood than was in the basement.
I found Mrs. Laurie, or, what’s left of her.
Oh god. This isn’t the first time that I have killed, but it is the first time it has been someone I know. I take a deep breath and notice that I am not the only one crying. I go still and try to find the source of the quiet crying, walking towards the closet. “Don’t hurt me!” a girl’s voice screams.
“I’m not going to hurt you, I am here to help,” I whisper, not wanting to scare her any more. “Why are you covered in blood then?” she says accusingly.
“I was trying to save your grandmother” I lie carefully. I open my arms and motion to her to come out. She slowly starts towards me, and once in sight of her grandmother, she runs to my arms. “Shh, shh, it’s going to be okay,” I say softly, running my hand over her red hair. She looks up at me, and it is then I realize her eyes, deep gold, are the same color as mine. Oh what have I done now?

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