The Bonsai Tree ( Part 1 )

Yaser Faris June 6, 2018
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The Bonsai Tree ( Part 1 )

Once upon a time somewhere in Europe, there was an impatient, arrogant farmer named Jacob. He works in his greenhouse where he grows several types of crops and sells them at a market located a couples of miles from his greenhouse.

Jacob was a man who always liked to get what he wants in quick ways , the word perseverance is almost absent of his dictionary. He grows his plants in a way that no other farmer does. He uses two magical solutions each of them is contained in two different vials, a blue one which makes a seedling grow bigger and fruit very quick; and the other one is pink that shrinks his trees when they get too old.


On day, he harvested his crops, collected them and put them on his horse wagon; then he rode to town’s market and started selling them in his shop. He met too many costumers that made owners of other shops nearby start to wonder how he makes lots of money from such a huge quantity of crops
that none of them is able to do that . One of the shop owners asked Jacob that question and got shocked by a very insolent, arrogant answer ” you expect me to tell you how, it is a secret that none of you pipsqueaks will never ever do that, look how lousy you are, can’t even sell a pod of peas , how pitiful ” Jacob said that with a sarcastic laughter.


The time for Jacob to close his shop came and picked up his sack of money with him and rode back to his greenhouse. When he reached his house, he disembarked his wagon and meanwhile another wagon passed by and stop at Jacob. It seemed to be seedlings dealer.

” Hello sir ” said the dealer
” oh hello , what brings you here” asked Jacob
” I travel from town to town for selling seeds, they were all sold out sir except this little tree; it seems no one wants to buy it so take it for free”

” Yes let me have it ”
Jacob said that and took it with no idea what this tree is, A tree that have been imported somewhere from Asia.


Then he entered his greenhouse with the little tree and he placed it on the soil ” hmmmmm , what is this tree; it looks really very strange , let’s see if it would grow and fruit “. His curiosity pushed him to pour some drops of his magic solution but nothing happened ” what , oh it may need another drop” he made another couple of drops and nothing changed ” what is wrong with this stupid tree” and he continued to drop his solution on the tree until the vial got totally empty. Then he got very mad and couldn’t hold up his nerves , afterwards he took the tree and put it on his backyard far from the greenhouse and started to throw a pile of swear words until he get headache while entering his greenhouse again ” oh my god , I have got headache, my sight is getting a little blurry ; oh I am thirsty” then he looked for something to quench his thirst and fetched a glass container with some type of fluid in it. He took out the cork on the container’s and started to drink , he didn’t realize that the fluid he was drinking was the pink magic solution that after couple of sips made him feel dizzy and groggy, meanwhile his head slammed against a lantern , made it fall down and break. Subsequently, Jacob went unconscious.

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