The Dark Castle

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It was 1950 and the Victor family were keepers of Corvin Castle in Romania. Howard Victor was the real owner of the castle and he was becoming afraid of the neighbouring town taking over the castle and invading the town where he lived
Howard had tried to use black magic to hurt the people who wanted to take over his castle and the town. However, something went wrong and the evil magic returned to him and he turned into a vampire.
After he became a vampire, Howard also transformed all his family into vampires but under much darkness there is always some light that’s hidden. So his family, his wife and nephews, had very good hearts although they were vampires. The Victor family always lived inside the castle peacefully and because of this the villagers never knew that they were vampires.
10 years ago, Victoria Corvin, an author of several books on adventure visited the city of Brasov. She was very beautiful and charming and she came from London, England.
She was advised by the villagers to visit Corvin Castle but first she needed to get permission from the owner of the castle, who then replied to Victoria that she could visit the castle anytime. The castle was very old and famous that’s why Victoria went to explore it. Victoria didn’t know that vampires live in the castle, she thought they are just normal human.
When she arrived there, she found that the castle looked darkend, spooky and quite old. After all the research she had conducted, she was finally at the castle. Suddenly the door opened slowly and inside the reseption area she saw the servants of the castle.
Victoria went further into the castle and meet the family, including Philip. The first time Philip layed eyes on Victoria, he felt a lot of passion towards her and her beauty. Philip tried to get to know Victoria better but unfortunately he could not go in to the sun with her.
He just had to talk to her only after sunset. The relationship between them was becoming stronger. But gradually Howard, Philip’s uncle, wanted to have Victoria all for himself because her beauty had attracted him so much.
Anna his wife knew that her husband was going to do something bad to Victoria so she tried to stop him every way she could but Howard got very angry and he killed his wife with a silver sword. No one knew what he had done and he was very happy that no one could stop him.
But then he found out that Victoria had no love for him because she loved Philip, his nephew so he tried to kill his nephew like he had done to his wife by tricking his nephew to the darkest room in the castle.
Philip agreed to go to the darkest room with his uncle but once he got there he was shocked to see the body of his dead aunt inside. At that point he realized his uncle wanted to kill him.
Philip tried to fight back but he could not stop the magic of his uncle. At that moment his brother Christian opened the door and saw that his brother, Philip was about to get murdered.
Christian brought his father’s sword to fight his uncle who in the end was defeted by the silver sword through the heart.
Howard died but Christian was very injured by the magic of his uncle so he died too. Philip felt awful because he loved his brother very much. After that, Philip burried the bodies of his uncle, aunt and brother at the back of the castle.
After a long period of mourning he decided to tell Victoria that he was a vampire. Philip asked her “ Do you love me and can you accept me as I am? ”. Victoria said “ I’m sorry to hear of the difference between us but I love you and I accept for who you are”.
Then she asked him to turn her into a vampire so they can live together forever. After Philip turned her into a vampire, he started teaching her about the vampire’s life and Victoria learned a lot from her life with Philip.
They lived together happily ever after because of their understanding, acceptance and true love for each other. It was a happy ending…

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