The Gigantic Party

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once upon a time… there were people, animals,flying narwhals,kitsunes,angels,and many more. til one fin day… a lot of fairies came over to party. The Kingdoms saw its magical music. It was so beautiful. There were nymphs and anime characters joining in here. a phoenix comes along to party. animated Disney movie characters joined together. Japanese and Greek mythology joins together. Hybrids , princesses and princes, kings and queens, empresses and emperors, Fairy Tail characters, and Touhou characters came along too! The soldiers came “Why are they hypnotizing the guards?” Undertale characters and game characters joins the party. Gacha world characters have joined a fairy tale. There were tons of Adventures and games to play with. Learning teaching and many more to do on a chromebook. Churches trees Kingdoms houses and many places are brilliant. So they lived happily ever after. Did you know there was magic long ago? We are happy to see you in here. They lived happy we ever after. so that there was a happy ending. there was Food. We have a gigantic party on July 27th 2020. Go to www.PartyTime.Com. 4 more! Pick your next request for me. This one’s the best ever yet!! こんにちは。 bing bong bing bong bing bong bing bong bing bong. Bing bong is a good creature. Do you have imaginary friends?! Let’s go on an adventure. The end. © 2020 fun and crazy fairy tales…

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