The Kidnapped Rose

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Once upon a time there was a kingdom named the ‘Kingdom of Serora’ With a really peaceful and beautiful kingdom, everyone was nice towards each other and there has never been war in the kingdom. But there was something hidden in the kingdom that no one ever knew about except for the king and the queen. There was a secret sparkling door that led to a magical forest and there lived the fairies, trolls, pixies, and Gwyneth Hunt who was an evil witch – who was always jealous of the king and the queen. This was because one hundred years ago this witch was the queen of the kingdom, but no one liked her because she was selfish and evil, so the people of the kingdom wanted to lock her up and have a new king and queen. Gwyneth got so mad but she couldn’t do anything, so she was locked behind that secret door in the forest where she had a black castle.

Now back to the kingdom. There here was the king, the queen, and the princess…Rose, the princess was two years old, she had long black, straight silky hair and dark blue eyes. Everything was going fine in the kingdom, everyone was happy but, one day when the king and the queen weren’t expecting anything, a tragedy happened.
The witch, Gwyneth came back to the kingdom and wanted to revenge.
So she went in the castle and saw the king and queen trying to protect their daughter from that evil witch, but the witch used her black magic to drag Rose towards her, but Rose couldn’t run away or do anything, the witch therefore took Rose with her and they went away immediately leaving the king and the queen quite sad and hopeless.
The king sent all of his soldiers to search for his daughter but they didn’t find her, the soldiers searched everywhere in the kingdom but in the end they gave up. Years passed and no one heard about the princess after that, the king and the queen were still sad but they couldn’t do anything. Rose was living behind that secret door with the evil witch, and now the princess was fifteen years old, she lived thirteen years with Gwyneth not remembering what exactly happened to her or where she is, the only things she remembered was that she was a princess. Gwyneth was always being mean and evil to her, she made her clean the house and she didn’t give her food instead she gave her the left overs from to eat.
One day when Rose was cleaning and the witch wasn’t around, Rose went out of the house and was walking in the forest. Whilst she was walking, something which was sparkling and flying nearby her, drew her attention, she started running after it until she caught it with her hands. It was a fairy! The fairy was really small. It also had black straight hair and it looked really friendly. “Who are you?” The princess asked “ “My name is Leona and I live in this forest along with the other fairies and trolls” the fairy replied, “And I am Rose, the princess of the ‘Kingdom of Serora’”. The princess said “What?!” , exclaimed the fairy “How did you end up here?” and suddenly the princess remembered, she remembered everything that has happened to her, and where she was now. Rose started telling Leona what has happened to her and why she was here, and how she was living with that evil witch. After she told her everything that has happened, Leona decided to help her get out of the forest and find her family again.

The next day Rose went to see the fairy in the same place where they met before. Leona told her in which directions to walk and she said that when she reaches the sparkling door she will have to knock it 3 times, or else the door wouldn’t open. Rose started walking in the forest towards the direction that the fairy told her to go. While she was walking she saw that the trees were starting to sparkle, so she knew that this meant that she was walking in the right direction and that she was near the door. Hours passed and finally the princess reached the door. She knocked on the door 3 times and she waited a couple of seconds. When the door was opening the princess felt that there was someone behind her, so she looked behind and she saw the witch. he witch said “You will never run away princess!”. But Rose didn’t reply, she quickly ran outside the door and closed it immediately, after she went out, so that the witch wouldn’t follow her, and then she used a rope that she found beside the door and tied the door so tight in order for the witch to become trapped..

Rose continued walking in the direction of the palace and when she reached the palace, she went towards the king and the queen. When they saw her they were really shocked, they ran up to her and hugged her, and the queen started crying because of happiness. After a couple of minutes they asked her what had happened to her and Rose started telling them everything about the witch Gwyneth, the fairy Leona, and how she escaped. The king asked Rose if she knew where the witch was, and Rose told him that she was behind the magical door in the forest and that she had a house there.

The king went with his soldiers to the forest to find the witch and punish her for what she did. They went to her house and took her back with them to the kingdom to punish her in front of all the people in the kingdom. The witch apologized and begged the king to give her another chance but he didn’t forgive her, the king ordered his men to cut the witch’s head off in front of everyone, so that she can never hurt them again. And after the witch’s execution everyone was living peacefully and happily again, and the witch’s house was buried, no one ever went there again. And everyone lived happily until there came to them the one who destroys all their happiness.

The End

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