The magic cream of the dreams

Sonia Salzano January 16, 2019
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Once upon a time, in an enchanted, magical valley there was the flowing water sounds from a river called “Yumb”. Not far from this river there was a little village, “Barrowbridge”, which was filled with tiny elves. They wore a long brown trouser like the trunk of the trees, a green shirt much the same as the colour of the leaves in spring, and a belt to which a canvas handbag was tied. They could fly like butterflies, jump like kangaroos and run like cheetahs.

These elves had many hidden skills and were experts at camouflage. This skill of camouflage was extremely useful when they had to escape from the flying dragon “Spat” who was their very evil, terrifying enemy. There were almost two hundred elves that lived in the village of Barrowbridge, and each had their own individual task. First there were the elves that prepared the magic cream that gives beautiful dreams. Next were the elves of the smile. Then the elves of peace and finally the elves of music.

Every day the elves of dreams gathered magic water from the river.
This had to be taken before the sunrise and was added to the magic cream. However, the most important ingredient for making the magic cream was the ‘stardust’. The stardust was the glitter left behind from the brightest shooting stars in the sky. When the magic cream was ready it would be used to give so many beautiful dreams to all the worthy children. After gathering the magic water and stardust, all the elves needed was the final secret ingredient which was hidden in a cave, guarded by the dragon, Spat.

In the cave, the very dangerous dragon Spat, was trying each time to capture the elves to make a delicious meal. He was able to breathe flames of fire further than a hundred meters, had the force of a thousand angry lions and the roaring sounds of an erupting volcano. However, his one weakness was his huge fear of the water. The skilful elves knew this weakness and they transformed themselves into drops of water before entering the cave using their camouflage skills. The only problem the elves had was that their magic camouflage did not last more than a sizable yawn or ten blinks of an eye.

While the elves of music enchanted the dragon for a few minutes, the elves of dreams rushed into the cave and found the final secret ingredient. This ingredient was the pretty red and yellow petals of a sweet-scented flower which only grew in this secret location of the cave. The elves escaped before the dragon woke up and rushed back to the village to quickly catch the last remaining stardusts.

Every night the elves tiptoed in through the windows of the houses where children lived. Just as the children fell asleep the little elves rubbed the magic cream on their sleeping face. The elves had worked so hard to gather each ingredient and it was prepared with so much effort and love. Every child that was worthy of the magic cream would have the best of dreams filled with the glitter and twinkle of the stars, the soothing sounds of the water from the river and the bright vibrant colours of the flower. The elves loved to travel every night to make sure their little angels without wings would dream and enter their own worlds of magic!

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