The Moon Whale

Kitty Curry July 24, 2017
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The moon peaked over the dark ocean, and a gloomy song could be heard. The song was sung every night when the sun dipped low in the ocean and the moon rippled between the sliver waves. Many had heard the song and were confused by its beauty and mystery. All of their thoughts were scattered and washed away. They yearned to find the source of the melody, but none had ever succeeded. So, the tune continued to play night after night, calling to those who were desperate to discover what made the sweet sound.
One night, a young boy decided to travel in his small, ragged boat to find the song. He sailed for some time before coming upon a small cave filled with crystals and glowing mushrooms. He found his way along the moss-covered shoreline and peered into the sea cave. There, lit by the glistening moon, was a beautiful whale. It was covered with small gems and had sparkling eyes.
The boy listened as the whale began to hum a sad song. The same song that could be heard from miles away. He hummed along and learned the whale’s song by heart. The whale was stuck on the shore, its body was heavy and the boy was unable to push it back into the water. The whale gave a low bellow and let the boy rest against it. After a few moments, the whale began to sing. The boy listened and soon fell asleep, hoping that the whale would survive.
The next morning the boy awoke to see that the whale had gotten unstuck and had swam away. Although he was happy to know that the whale had been freed, he was unhappy to lose a friend. Sadly, the boy set off to go home. After a day of traveling, the boy began to realize that this path was not like the one he had taken before. It was completely different, he had gone the wrong way!
Feeling confused and lost the boy attempted to turn back but was shocked to realize that something had been following him. A giant shark had picked up the boy’s trail and was looking forward to a tasty meal. The boy was scared and afraid. He was in trouble and he was alone. There was nothing he could do. Then, the boy remembered something.
He remembered the whale, its gentle eyes watching him. Its protective hum soothing his fears. The boy began to hum the whale’s song. To his amazement the shark became confused, the song was distracting it! The boy continued to sing and eventually heard a response. The whale had remembered him and was coming to scare away the shark.
The shark was too nervous and swam away from the boy and the whale. The whale looked into the boy’s eyes and sung the song as it led him back to his home. After several nights of singing, the boy was returned. He was going to miss the whale, but felt better knowing that when the sun dipped low in the ocean and the moon rippled between the silver waves, the whale would sing its song of protection to him.

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