The most beautiful.

Abelmarble Nalah December 11, 2017
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The sun was about to end his journey, it was about to be night and as they say, night is black. In a cottage near the woods, on the outskirts of a village, the screams of a woman were heard by none, except the soulless trees and nearby nocturnals. And not long after those screams stopped, a cry broke the dead quiet. A new soul came to this world, a human one.
“My son, my dear son, the most beautiful of all” said the mother. As years passed by and the boy grew, most of the time he would stay inside and was not allowed to go outside and if, only was allowed to wander in the woods and not passed the boundary.
As his mother always would say
“You can`t go out my son, as you are the most beautiful of all, they will take you from me and we will not see each other anymore”, as you may “all” not know, he listened because he was a good boy.
Living in the cottage and only playing with the animals of forest though was not enough for the boy, years passed by and he was starting to understand more.
“Mother why is it that your face is covered with a rack” said the boy, full of wonder.
“As I am not beautiful I am ashamed and don’t want to show my face to you my dear,” she would say.
“Mother please I must see your face, I insist”, and for the first time she removed the rack.
“Mother you are beautiful too, why don`t they take you?” said he, “no my son I am ugly that is why” said she.
So the boy would by time come to understand his mother was ugly but still he loved her so much.
“Mother what is that thing in the wall over there, covered with cloth?”, asked one day the boy pointing a finger at it, and the mother answered
“It`s a magical object my dear, one that must never be uncovered”, said she caressing his curly hair.
“Why mother ?” the boy asked.
“What is it ?”, and the mother again answered
“It is a mirror my son”.
“A mirror?!”, said the boy.

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