The princess and her loyal knight

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once upon a time in the ancient Italy there was a beautiful princess called isaura, who lived with her brother prince andrea and her father who was a widower king miguelo….

one day calamity stroke her harshly because her father and her brother died the same day in battle. isaura said: mom died now my brother and father are dead too, what’s next, why don’t you just kill me oh Lord, I can’t take it anymore!

there was in the kingdom a young handsome knight called Patrick, the youngest of them all, who she grew up with. he stood by her side day and knight comforting her. this boy had always been so in love with her but he never dared say a word ; isaura grew fond of him too but never said a word either..Patrick said : princess isaura you have to be strong , soon you will have to be queen and take over, besides don’t forget i’m here for you… always…. I will be anything you want me to be and do whatever it takes to help you in the kingdom.

isaura: thanks.. I don’t know what I would do without you Patrick…she hugged him (she felt so comfortable next to him).

Patrick smiled and said: I also came to give you this letter from your grandmother , queen Alexandra. isaura quickly opened it : oh she is coming in a few weeks!…Patrick: that’s good news you do need some company!

isaura answered: yes, you are right.. she must be also thinking about getting a wedding ready….patrick remained silent , he didn’t like to hear that; he loved her to death….
then isaura said : Patrick would you take me to the forest whre I used to play with my brother, it brings good memories, that’s how I want to remember him, playing by the river …Patrick said: your wish is my command princess.

isaura said: call me isaura please, we are friends, aren’t we?.. and they went to the river where she started to weep and ask heaven: why those who love me always die!…this broke Patrick’s heart so he walked toward her ,hugged her and told her : i am still ~ he looked into her eyes , and not being able to hold it in anymore he said to her: i love you…. and kissed her ; he kissed both of her hands , and she kissed his saying : i love you too!

they went back to the castle , and after that day their love story started…they would meet at places away from the castle not to be seen by anyone every time Patrick had some time off and would just talk , have tea; and he of course never missed a chance to kiss her and hug her which was his favorite part . he behaved like a gentleman always respecting her and protecting her.

her grandmother queen Alexandra finally arrived to the castle as she promised but instead of comforting her she introduced isaura to her husband-to-be, ( she personally chose him) saying: my dear isaura, you look good; i hope you are doing ok my angel , i’m so sorry (she hugged her and quickly said)… id love to introduce you king armani, who said: my pleasure , i’m really sorry for your loss….

isaura answered: hello grandmother!, my pleasure king armani. patrick was there staring at them ,burning out of jealousy , he knew what was coming , he was about to lose her to that king. and indeed the kingdom needed his protection, armani was intelligent ,rich and mature , and aurora was very young , had no experience, and financially was doing not so good, so she had no choice…

armani said to isaura : i am at your feet….for anything you need , you can count on me~they talked for hours and after that everyone went to his room.

Patrick said to himself: who am i kidding?, she needs him, i better start packing and leave for good….now, isaura didnt go to her room, instead carefully without being noticed she went to his and saw him packing and said: Patrick where are you going?, what are you doing?…he answered: i should’ve done this a long time ago isaura, i am leaving, i love you and i wont stay here like an idiot to witness how you marry another man!…

isaura: i need you more than ever , dont … dont leave me please stay!…Patrick: no, no, dont ask me that, you need him, the kingdom needs him, and that comes first! .. it’s over.. and he kissed her for the last time and left… a few weeks later isaura married armani who mistreated her both verbally and physically; everybody in the kingdom hated him and feared him…. he had many mistresses who would come to the castle to have fun…

her grandmother regretted this union for ever but she loved money so she just saw what she wanted to see!

five years later one of the old knights named carlo who retired from the castle met with patrick (who was working for another Lord at the time )and said: my old friend , i’m so glad to see you..patrick: hey man(he hugged him).. so you finally stopped working?..carlo: yeah , yeah, i couldn’t take it anymore, king armani….(he posed and continued) beats queen isaura and he invites his mistresses to the castle, it is a mess.. she needs you man!…why you left?..Patrick infuriated said: he.. dares.. beating her?..but…what could i possibly do?, i’m just an employee …

Patrick feeling powerless went into the chapel and prayed saying: oh God send someone who can help her …help me …after this Patrick had to go, his Lord (morelio)sent for him…morelio was dying from an unknown disease.

he didn’t have any heir, his wife had passed too, he didn’t have any close living relative , but he loved Patrick like a son ( Patrick worked for him for five years , taking care of his horses, farms and gardens , he never stole anything from him, he was excellent ) that’s why lord morelio thought to himself: i am going to bequeath Patrick my lands ~Patrick came quickly saying: lord morelio , are you ok?..morelio answered: Patrick son ,i am dying … we must talk business…and he told him what was in his heart~ that same night morelio passed.

Patrick said , this must be the answer to my prayers , thanks God , thanks Lord morelio!…when everything was in order , Patrick got ready , taking his sword and morelio’s men with him, ,rode his horse until he reached Armani’s castle…

he introduced himself to the maids while his men were lurking ready to attack..Patrick: good evening ladies, i am Lord patricio , i am looking for my old friend queen isaura ,( isaura was coming down stairs at that same time , and when she saw him , she could’t believe her eyes)…she said to the maids : leave us please…

isaura said: Patrick, what are you doing here?….hugging her he said to her: isaura, where is he?.. where’s that coward that dares beat you?~~isaura scared , not knowing what to do said to him: what are you talking about Patrick?

Patrick shouted: WHERE?…isaura shouting: you left me , what is it to you?..
Patrick: isaura i love you , don’t lie to me…isaura didn’t want a scandal so she just cried and said: please leave, just leave …Patrick: i dont think so, i’ve come for you !… he called morelio’s men and they filled the castle…

Patrick said: these are my men, for i am Lord …and drawing his sword he went room by room with his men’s help looking for armeni .. he found him in one of the rooms playing cards and drinking with some of the knights and his mistresses… armeni shouting said: who are you ? you let you in?..

Patrick : i am Lord patricio… these are my men…and i’ve come to steal your wife from you!…armani enraged and drunk said: how dare you ?….over my dead body!.. they started to swing their swords, as his men fought armani’s men…after an arduous fight Patrick and his men prevailed. armani died and many of his knights lost their life too that same evening .the survivors surrendered as the maids were screaming out of fear : what are we going to do?, aurora didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry…

Patrick said: people don’t fear, i’m not the enemy, you can join us …and turning around said to isaura: you are free now queen isaura, please come with me!

isaura said to him : i am still hurt … you left me when i needed you most .. . it is a’s not as simple as it seems….Patrick…. i’m pregnant with him child!~ Patrick turning pale remained silent for a minute ….then said: i was expecting something like that…i won’t leave you this time…i take his child too!..

they left Armani’s castle that same day and went to his palace…the next day Patrick proposed to her saying : isaura.. i know it is too soon but i can’t wait any longer…and drawing the ring he said:… marry me …she kissed him and hugged him saying: there is your answered my lord!

they raised the child together and lived happily forever after!

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