The Six Gum Balls

Yaser Faris May 17, 2018
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Once upon a time, there was a pretty young girl named Susie, her teeth were as white as pearls and she has a great fond of sweets as her parent call her sweet tooth.

One day, she took out six gum balls out of a jar and each ball introduced his flavor to Susie :

” I am a Carmel flavor ” said the yellow one
” I am a licorice flavor ” said the purple one
” I am gummy bears flavor ” said the red one
” I am a cola flavor ” said the brown one
” I am sugar flavor ” said the white one

The last one remained silent, Susie approached him and asked him ” hello green gum ball , what is your flavor ? ” .

” uhhh , I am a broccoli flavor ” .

” yuck , I hate vegetables especially broccolis , go back to the jar ” replied Susie .

The green gum ball felt sad and returned to jar , then Susie afterwards placed the jar’s lid firmly.

Then she ate all the gum balls on her hands until they lost their flavors. It was bed time for her ” Susie it is bed time don’t forget to brush your teeth ” her mother said ,but she didn’t listen to her and laid on her bed and slept.

The next morning, she woke up and headed to the bathroom to wash her face, suddenly she looked at the mirror and screamed ” ahhhhh , where are my teeth , where are my teeth ” ; then she laid back on her bed crying,

” hey Susie come here” said the green gum ball , then she came to him ” let me out of the jar please” ,she then took him out.

” I am so sorry that I humiliated you green ball, I am really sorry, please help” said she drastically.

” Susie , you shouldn’t have eaten to much sweets, I know they are tasty but they could harm your teeth, I know a way you could undo this! ”

” really , you do but how ? ” she said while wiping her tears.

” yes,but I am afraid it will be so gross ” said the green gum ball.

” you mean uhh , oh no come on ! “. Susie said

” well , you do what you must to bring your teeth back, otherwise you won’t be enjoying candies anymore ” the green gum ball said.

” ok I will do it ” said Susie.

Then Susie sneak to her grandmother’s room and fetched something feels so wet, it was her grandmother’s artificial jaws. She put them in her mouth and then began chewing the green gum ball.when she had finished, she took out the jaws and the green gum ball out of her mouth and subsequently, her teeth grew back again.

” oh geez, thank you green gum ball, I am really so sorry , please forgive me ”

” it is alright Susie, don’t forget not to eat sweets to much and eat healthy food, and brush your teeth”

The end.

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