The Stories of the Passersby

Ionela Cojocaru December 28, 2017
Fable, Magic
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Once upon a time, when I walked slowly to the train station. The snow had covered all the road and gave Craiova an impression of an ancient village. Indeed it was the capital of Oltenia! Indeed it was the city of great walachian’s Ban! Now, a “little“ city of more than 2000 hard-working souls. Everyone was rushing that times, Christmas was about to come when the happenings I would talk to you if you were to listen, about happened that day. I can remember now like it happened yesterday. Yes, I was walking slowly to the train station almost singing, almost reciting the great stanzas of “Beowulf“. I truly liked that play. As I was walking slowly I could observe that on the way the dogs howled and the cats gathered together in a corner, but I said:
“Nevermind, they always behave strangely!“ and I passed the street.
On the train station, there were people talking and smiling when a group of children started singing carols. I can remember the morning songs, yes “Zoriile“. I stood there listening to them until my train arrived. As I was looking for my sit a strange man rushed and sat on the sit next to mine. I double checked the ticket, but there was no doubt, it was next to my sit. I sat and started reading “Beowulf“ for the second. The man was strangely dressed I thought. With his green coat, tall green hat and boots, he resembled a never count. I continued to read, but at Cernele station he started to talk to me.
“What a nice weather for a train trip, isn’t it?“
“I think it could have been nicer!“
“Where are you going, my friend?“
“To Deva, mister. Quite far away from here.“
“Hmmm, could it be a surprise! I’m going to Simeria. It seems that we will share our time a bit more. You see, I’m traveling by train for a little while and never met a person reading that book. How is it like?“`
I looked down at my lap and saw the book. It was not a fancy one with leather covers but, still, it was my favorite.
“This one is very strange, the author is unknown and everybody that translates it change something. You won’t see the same translation at two different editions.“
“Hmmm, it is not a surprise to me. I’ve read that book for hundreds of years and I always find something new!“ He smiled at me.
“Tell me, my friend, have you read Raizel’s Code or The little red book ?“
“No, I haven’t tried them! What are they about?“
“Nothing, or everything! I can tell you a story from Raizel’s Code, if you want.“
“It still remains too long to travel so I agree.“
He looked at me smiling and begun.
“One day, before the Sea meets the Ground, in the clouds from where we are created, the Dust, the Dawn, and the Light keep a meeting:
“When shall we three decide what to do with Sea and Ground?“said the Dawn
“Wait a while, we have created the Kingdom of the Clouds, why shouldn’t we send them to creat their kingdom.“reply the Dust
“Hmmm, a new kingdom! Sound like a new beginning. I agree!“ answer the Light.
Soon after their talk, the Earth is born, but with no humans or animals. Seeing that the new kingdom is empty Dust creates animals and three shadows to rule them all. Everything seems perfect, but one of the shadows comes to his masters and says:
“Father, I would like to create a race of free willing creature and let them rule the world you’ve created for me. I will play a game with them for your amusement.“
“Amusement? Hmmm, what game could it be?“
“I will create a possibility for them to see a little of my power, then create three true rules and other false in order to trick them. They will lose their lives, thinking of an afterworld, but in fact, it is nothing that this place of wonders.“
“What is the aim of this game?“
“No aim! Just an experimental game!“
“Well, then, try!“
The first shadow goes out of the room and the Dust says to his followers.
“He is young and curious. Hahaha, a game with some new free willing creatures!“
“They can’t achieve our power as he can’t, but still, his idea will dissolve the unpleasant feeling of being bored.“says the Light.
“Let’s see what happens!“ says Dawn.
The shadow creates humans and allow some of them to see a little of his power, but soon enough, at like 23000 years after the creation, a monk has nine appreciant. Nine were they and the ninth is a devil. The shadow tricks them a bit and offers them powers like no human ever had on Earth. Their names are Ziro, Maher, Gaspar, Malachite, Meier, Flavius, Marcus, Eneris, Miles. He loves especially the ninth. Some night he answers to the ninth’s call and incarnates into a mortal body. He appears next to the ninth.
“Why are you calling me so desperate? I’m here forever.“
“You may be, but I won’t wait for my life to be over before I’ve even seen my master.“
“I’m not your master! I’m like you, but immortal!“
“Then, nothing will happen!“
When Miles said that chains rises from the middle of nowhere and ties the shadow up putting him inside of a coffin made of lead. The other shadows then come, but the ninth is prepared for them all. One is simulated into a rose bush and the other into a coffin made of silver. Soon, the ninth controls the world the shadows has created.
Into the Cloud’s Kingdom, Dust, Light, Dawn, and Sea discuss what happens on Earth.
“What has he done? We need to go there and stop the game, it becomes too dangerous,“says Sea.
“I will propose you this instead, let’s create a new being…“ their discussion is interrupted by the entry of the second shadow.
“Then, give me the power to take human’s lives! I’ll be a right judge for the rest of time!“said the shadow.
“Why are you not catch in that rose’s bush.?“
“Maybe, my brother’s are too naive! I’ve never told Miles that I was born out of the water, so he couldn’t find a proper coffin for me. I still left that human body I’ve possessed on the Erath, in order to seem that I’m still there.“
“Then I give you the name of Riper! No River!“
“You’ve better called me Riva! I also want’s, three kings and three queens made of stones and crystals.“
“Your demands are accepted!“
“Then, I will step into Miles tail!“
As soon as he gets back, Miles observes the kings and the queens. In an attempt to trick them, he invites them at his place. They all accept.
“Good to see some travelers, but where are you going?“
“To Balazar, we are looking for nice smelling roses to make jam out of it. The jam is price than gold in our land.“ said the first king.
“My friend, I’m sorry I haven’t asked your names.“said Miles
“My name is Raizel, my brothers are Cadis and Cain. My sisters are Her, Liviv and Lily.“ said the first king.
“Don’t worry, Miles, we already have known about you.“
“How is it comes?“said Miles.
“Well, in Balazar, in the middle of the trade market a girl plays with some glass rings and she pretends to see the future inside of them. She sees you as our world king!“ says Raizel following Miles reaction.
“Indeed, I’m just a poor monk how can I rule the world? “Miles tries to trick Raizel.
“Well, then it won’t be any problem for you, the monk, to taste some of my roses wine! It is the favorites drinks of the kings, it can turn your power back after a long battle and, besides, it has a flavor that you can’t deny,“ says Raizel.
“Thank you for your offer, but I will have some of the coffee seeds I’ve recently bought.“
He drinks just a sip of the coffee and sees Riva, herself in front of his eyes.
“How can this be? This devil!“ says Miles.
“It was you how made you die! Coffee is the water of forgetness and you’d bought it from three old ladies! My King tried to save you, but now, you’re mine!“
Miles falls into a rose bed and is tied as he tied the shadows. He will see the eternity from a rose prison and he will judge only his actions.
After that, Raizel creates communities and other help like deerhounds, leperous, elfs and other creature who rules the Bank of Souls From Alexandria.“
“A good story indeed! What would it be if he chose the rose wine?“
“Maybe, the love would have turned him into a less selfish being and he would be saved.“
I turned my head to the middle of the corridor and I returned in a moment, but my fellow had already disappeared. How comes? I sat on the corridor side, how can he disappear? That strange story and the coin left after he went away, proves something? I departure from the train into a strange village and saw my grandmother.
“Hi, granny! Why are you here?“
“How comes I won’t wait for my nephew? Come, sweetheart, I made you milk with eggs and honey!“
“But, you’re dead for over two years!“
“Don’t play seek and hied to me! You’re dead for forty-nine days! I’m not that old to forget when my nephew dies!“
“I’m dead!“
“Don’t be so shocked! Dying to erase the living self and yo temporary forget where you are. There is a reason for every death and a reason for every afterlife, but you’ve always been that naive so, you’re safe!“
“How comes I’m safe? The others are not safe!“
“Look, my dear, you create your own universe after the moral rules of your own God and you lack selfishness because you always believed in wonders and fairies, so you gaze upon that world. Maybe that saves you, your love!“
“Granny, where are we going now?“
“Home, we’re going home!“
That was when I ruled my world after my way, and that’s why I lived happily ever after. Is it that, everything I said and done matters anymore?

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