The story about the Jalopy

Victoria Stasiv August 29, 2017
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One day in the garage lived a very old car. She started living here 20 years ago. The first 5 years were wonderful. An old man who used to be her friend often visited the garage and cared a lot about her. Every morning he came to the garage to check if her engine was working and if there was enough fuel . Later he started the car and drove to the oil factory where he had worked . He always washed her head with the best car products, washed her eyes and her insides tidy by washing her clothes . But one day everything changed . He was offered better work in some other city and he had moved there, leaving her alone in her garage. While her roommates stayed in the garage, small but hardworking lamps which didn’t shine more persuaded her that he left her but she didn’t want to believe this.
-He would never forget about me. Something must have happened to him – the auto said to them
People never forget their cars if they need them- was the lamps’ answer.
The life in the garage went slowly. Most of the time the car was sleeping and later talking with her friends the lamps. They recollected the times when they were young and happy.
It was like this until one day several men entered the garage where they lived.
This is exactly what I need – said one of them, looking at the car. A tall and a handsome young man who was called Jonathan by other people. However there was something unkind in this person and our car immediately disliked him. He was a beginner in driving and wanted to practice his skills on some old and “unneeded car”
The car was very upset and didn’t want to leave her garage so she didn’t start but Jonathan and his friends pushed her to take her out of the garage. Nobody checked her, didn’t clean her eyes, didn’t give her replacement oil . The lamps wanted to stop him from doing this but couldn’t do anything to help their friend .
The life with Jonathan was very bad. He didn’t look after his car so quickly he got bored with it. A neighbour boy looked at this all . He dreamt very much of having some car but such as he didn’t have money he knew it couldn’t happen. And when one day having come back from college he had seen a left-behind car to which a van arrived to take it for detailing, he started asking people to give it to him. The life of that boy became very different. He started behaving to this car even better than her first household. He started buying her different decorations, new mirrors and fragarant decorations to hang inside her. He bought for her a music player for her not to get bored but have fun. For her legs he bought new tyres with very beautiful ornaments.
And here her first caretaker came back. The car at first became very happy that he came back but when she saw that he returned with a new friend looking like very fashionable and was shining like a star, the car became upset. It was very good for her to live with that boy but she missed the spent years with the older man.
One summer day when Jim was coming back from work in the new car he started to feel bad, his heart started to ache. He stopped falling to the side of the road within sight of his old jalopy . People gathered together and wanted to call for ambulance but someone from the gathered people said “ I will sit into the car and drive him it will be quicker” . Some man who was passing by sat in Jim’s new car Slingshot and started starting it. But the car didn’t want to start. She absolutely didn’t want to go. And in front of them the old jalopy started by itself and Trevor understood that she wants to help her first household . He sat into the car and brought Jim to the hospital. Everything had finished well. An old Jim didn’t know how to thank Trevor for all his kindness. And with gratefulness he asked Trevor to make an exchange that he will give him his new car and will take his old jalopy back.

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