The Story of the Twins

Cheza Ford November 18, 2019
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long ago in a beautiful valley there was a kingdom full of powerful magic that could give anyone the power of darkness and light depending on there intentions and in this kingdom there was a princess and a knight lived the princess had fallen in love with the knight and had twin girls these twin girls where a beacon for the stars and helped the prosper and live but the princesses brother had turned the princess and the knight into stone but before that happened the princess hid the girls in the woods next to a village where they would be safe and a man who lived in a log cabin-a woodcutter- found the two girls and raised them as his own and princess and the knight where trapped in the dungeon where the there uncle tried to figure out how the magic of the kingdom could give him control of the world he sent a spy to find the girls thinking that they where connected to the magic the spy traveled to the village to find the cabin he garbed a hammer and the woodcutters axe and garbed the girls and took them to there uncle and when he figured out that they didi´t know about the magic he was furious he told the spy to smash the princess and the knight and the spy did what he was told and smashed them to dust and then there uncle said ¨do you want to join them?¨ he garbed the axe and cut the girls heads off and the n he told the spy to dig three graves he put the girls into the graves and put the dust in the graves as well except for one the spy asked who what it was for and there uncle said ¨you.¨ he picked up the axe and killed the spy and chopped him limb from limb. THE END

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