The Tale of Sky and Water

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Once upon a time, in the early days of our world, four deities inhabited the earth. Each one reigned over a part of the planet for which they were to cultivate as the planet aged and grew.

One of the deities, called Aqua, was to protect the blueness that covered the planet. The parent of Aqua, called Lunam, worked to be a light to the world whenever it became dark. The other human, named Divum, protected the air and space that surrounded the earth. Divum’s parent, referred to as Solis, had the most important responsibility of all. Solis provided a different light that kept the earth growing.

Together, these four deities worked in harmony to improve the world. But, it didn’t remain that way for very long.

As time passed, Earth began to crumble away. As Aqua’s deep blue realm began to turn into a rotting brown, Divum’s light blue domain started to crack. Solis and Lunam had no idea about why this was happening. They did not know of the secret between the two immortals.

Everyday, Divum and Aqua would meet in secret. As day turned into night, they would hide in the shadows between their realms. It was there that they confessed their undying love for each other. It was there that they vowed themselves to each other. It was there that they were happy. Yet, that too didn’t last forever.

“Lunam, we must settle the situation at hand. We must find the cause of this destruction,” Solis said to Lunam.

“Let us deal with it now rather than waiting for more dire consequences,” Lunam stated. “Come, we will seek them out.”

It was then that day had turned into night. The time in which the forbidden lovers were meeting.

“We can’t keep meeting like this, Aqua. What of our realms?” Divum began to say. “They are crumbling because of our actions.”

“Is our love not more than our duties?” Aqua asked the lover.

“Of course it is, my love.”

“Would you give me the world world if I asked you?”

“My love, that is a bit much. Do you not agree?

“If I asked you the world, my dear, would you give it to me?” Aqua repeated.

“My love…” Divum began to say.

Aqua interrupted Divum’s words with a passionate kiss.

As the two parted their lips from each other, Divum professed to Aqua, “My love, I would give up the whole earth to be with you.”

Suddenly, Solis and Lunam emerged from where they hid. They were both angered by Divum’s words.

“Child of mine! How dare you say such reckless words? To give up our whole purpose to be with another? What an absurd declaration!” yelled Solis.

“I speak the truth! I am willing to give up my being to be with my love!” Divum yelled back.

“As will I!” Aqua added.

Solis and Lunam were furious at their children. They had no consideration for their own lives or anyone else’s life. They’re risking the life of the whole earth so they could be with each other.

They couldn’t let this happen. Solis and Lunam could not watch as their children ruined themselves. They’d rather see their children unhappy for eternity than have them destroy themselves because of love. To keep the lover apart, Solis and Lunam bound the souls of their children to their domain. Neither lover could leave their realm, or visit the other.

But, they would still see each other everyday. Aqua would only look up to only see Divum and Divum would only look down to see Aqua. They were content with seeing each other, for a while at least.

As years went by, they started to forget the touch of the other and a grew crazy at the thought. Even though they saw each other everyday, they grew sad at the thought of not being able to together. So, one day, they tried to reach for each other.

Using the blueness of the earth, Aqua tried to reach for Divum. Whereas Divum used the air to reach for Aqua. With all the strength they had, the lovers tried to reach for each other. It was difficult for the power of their parent’s binds were strong. Both Aqua and Divum grew weak for they couldn’t withstand the pain for much longer. But, they kept trying with all their might. Until, finally, they held each other.

It was a disaster. As the blueness and the air touched, a huge twister began to form around them. It spun with a force that was stronger than any force Aqua or Divum had seen on earth. In fear of the twister, they held each other tighter. But, that only seemed to make it stronger.

It was only until Lunam split the lovers apart again that the twister disappeared.

“How dare you two disobey us? Look what your desire for each other has done!” Lunam yelled, face turning red.

“Lunam, I am so so-”

“Quiet, my child! I must not be gentle anymore. I must make sure you two cannot reach for the other.”

Lunam and Solis combined their powers to make another domain and human. They called the human Terra. Terra had a green and brown domain placed right on top of Aqua’s domain. This kept Aqua and Divum from seeing each other ever again.

But, Lunam wasn’t finished. Lunam divided the bound souls of Aqua and Divum and placed them around their domains. This weakened the lovers and made it almost impossible to ever reach each other again.

Finally, to make sure neither lover heard of the other, Lunam called them all by a different name. In the end, Solis became known as Sun, Lunam as Moon, Divum as Sky, and Aqua as Water.

No longer could the lovers reach for the other for they don’t even know who they are. Every time Water tried to reach above their domain, they would kiss the Land and return. Every time the Sky would try to reach down, its air would blow through Land. Although their love was passionate and true, it did not end in a happily ever after.

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