The Three Bears and not so Goldilocks

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It was a beautiful morning in the forest. The sun was shining through the window and hitting baby bear in the face. It was time to get up! Mama and Papa bear we’re making breakfast which made the whole house smell good. Baby bear came running down the stairs ready to eat breakfast. He greeted Mama and Papa bear with a good morning and a kiss to the cheek and sat down in his chair. When Mama bear put the porridge down on the table Baby bear dug right into it quickly only to spit it right out realizing it was too hot.
“My food is too hot!” Baby bear exclaimed while crying.
“Why don’t we go for a walk while our food cools down,” Mama bear asked.
Papa bear gets up to help Mama bear put on her coat and opens the door for her and Baby bear. They walk hand in hand down the path to the river to play in the water for awhile. The walk was as peaceful as a summer breeze.
Without even noticing 7 o’clock turned into 9:30 and Baby bear started to get real hungry. So the family left and went back home ready to eat their food but when they got there they noticed the door was wide open. The family quickly ran inside to go see who was in the house.
“Someone’s been eating my porridge,” growled Papa bear.
“Someone’s been eating my porridge,” said Mama bear.
“Someone’s been eating my porridge and they ate it all up!” cried Baby bear.
Then they go into the living room and realize someone sat in all their chairs and even broke Baby bears favorite chair. They decided to check the rest of the house to make sure nothing else was damaged or gone. Sadly they found out that someone had been in their beds. With all the commotion they woke the little blonde girl sleeping in Baby bears bed. She didn’t expect the home to belong to bears and became scared and ran out of the house as quick as she could.
Mama and Papa bear figured the girl just got tired and needed a place to rest for awhile and decided there was no harm done. They wish the girl hadn’t run away so they could make her some more food for her journey back to where she came from. With the girl now gone, everyone began to clean up while Mama bear made some more food for her family.

The end

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