The Trickster

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Once upon a time, a beautiful princess was born from the famous, King and Queen Lofter II. Her name was Linda, short for Lindsey. She was a curious girl and loved adventures.

One day, she went into the woods to find something to play with. But before she even found anything to do, she saw a boy in the woods cutting trees. He looked like he was struggling, so Linda went to him and asked, “Do you need any help?” “N-no, not at all. You’re a princess. You should be in your home. Princesses don’t come here and cut trees!”, stammered the boy. Though Linda thought it was not very proper to just leave, she had a feeling that the boy wanted her to leave and stop staring at him. So Linda left anyway.

As Linda left the woods, she realized that she wasted so much time talking to that boy and forgot to find something to play with. She knew that she should’ve not started talking to a stupid tree cutter boy.

When Linda got home, her father came to her and asked her if she had any fun. “Hey, my little Linda is home! Did you have any fun?” Linda had to lie. She couldn’t tell her father about such a quirky adventure. So she lied to her father, regretting what she has done.

One early morning, Linda’s father announced that she was going to get married to a handsome boy! “Oh boy!”, said Linda’s father. “This is going to be the best festive we’ll have all year!”, said Linda’s mother. And since Linda’s father and mother were truly the king and queen, they’ve told the whole town about their daughter!

The day came. Linda met the boy who was going to marry her. Ugh! The stupid tree cutter boy? Linda’s eyes twitched and said, “I will NOT marry this boy. And you call him handsome? BLETCH!” “Oh, Linda! We don’t complain as a princess. Besides, he is very hard working!”, said the king. Linda hated to admit it, but it was all true. But wait…what’s that? It’s the enemy sign on his pants! “Father! He’s a trickster! He’s a trickster! Look at his pants!” The boy covered his pants, but it was no use. The king ordered to see.

The king saw that it was true. The enemy sign was on his pants. The king ordered the execution of the boy for tricking a king. And from that day, Linda was able to pick her own husband to marry.

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