The Two Sacred Miracles

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Once upon a time there was a young adult woman who was betrothed to an established handsome man. That night, around eleven o’clock, they started the ceremony, with a beautiful dance in front of the prospective fiancés. The dancers dance gracefully. After that, the fiancé proposal began. A handsome man opened a jewelry box containing a gold ring, saying a vow to a young adult woman, “To the most beautiful woman I love, I swear, from today on I will be your partner for life, will be mine until the end of my life. I hope you will marry me.” After the man finished reading the vows, all the jewelry in their respective boxes was put on, ranging from rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, to head jewelry. After marriage, they gave birth to four children who were born as quadriplets. As time goes by, strange things happen to their family. The man initially wanted to go to the city on foot, but on the way found a large candle near the river which was said to be a sacred candle that was given by a spirit by a shaman. The sacred candle cannot be extinguished and remains lit even though it has been lit for hundreds of years. He also did not go to the city, took the sacred candle he found to take home. Arriving at home, his wife was surprised to see the husband brought a big candle, then put the candle near the upstairs window.

But unfortunately, her husband died two days later. In fact, the quadruplets were not yet one year old, only thirty-seven days old. The young woman mourned, holding her four babies, hoping that a male housekeeper would take care of them and adopt them. However, hope for a man’s house assistant, only a mere prayer. She was forced to take care of and raise them alone without a husband. Time went on, the quadruplets grew into children, then beautiful and handsome teenagers. Among them, there are those who have outstanding talents. Their talents attract the opposite sex to fall in love with them. The eldest daughter falls in love with a young boy who is not very handsome, but has talent in art and writing, while the two younger sisters fall in love with twin boys, while the youngest son has no sense of falling in love.

A few years later, the sad news hit again when they were between the ages of 16 to 17 years, the eldest daughter died, which made the family grieve again. A rare bronze flower grew over their eldest daughter’s grave, and it was called a “delivery from the dead maiden” that bloomed at dawn, the time the eldest daughter closed her eyes forever. Because the flower was symbolized as a sign of memory, no one dared to pick the rare bronze flower. Even some people call it a sacred flower because of its origin, some others call it a gift flower because they remember the goodness of the deceased during his life, or a hidden miracle.

Elsewhere, at the same time, a man and his wife with their six children, among them a young boy who fell in love with a girl who died at dawn. He is the fourth of six children. In such a grieving situation, he had to hold back his tears at all times, especially when he wrote a letter about his late lover and painted the face of the deceased or the rare sacred bronze flower that grew on his lover’s grave. His brothers and friends also gave him encouraging support. Since then, he has been called “the lover of the sleeping princess” by his friends.

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