The wolf, his tummy and the seven little kids

Nicholas Chiu January 2, 2018
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Far away in a kingdom of colourful leaves
There laid a village of nothing but thieves
Stealing and tricking was how they roll
It seemed to many that they have no soul

This town of trickery was home too, to wailing youths
Who were told by parents some terrible truths
That staying at home was all they had
As life in the streets was just too bad

Among the chaos was a wolf of young age
And all the dangers around had filled him with rage
For he longed to go out and return by midday
But forever told by papa that “no kid needs play ”

But all that banning that little wolf faced
Had done nothing but ended in waste
For one night he made some adventurous vows
That he would venture and explore his village’s wows

He crept out of his bed then out of his room
Then he had himself fed then he left in a zoom
The outside was terribly windy and chillingly cold
But that didn’t stop the wolf from losing his bold

He walked and walked and further he got
He noticed that miserable youths, there was quite a lot
But beside them all was a fearfulness fox
And he stole from the youths their smelly brown socks

Angry indeed did little wolf feel
That he approached the fox with a wonderful deal
That he must return those socks from his terrible steal
And be given in return a marvellous meal

The fox laughed and agreed at the speed of a blink
And asked as well, for a hot tasty drink
The wolf looked at the youths, then their blister-filled feet
He knew he must make the fox, some delicious food to eat

He dashed to the market as fast as he goes
But not long on his way he suddenly froze
He forgot that nothing in life was ever once free
He had no silver or gold but his rusty home key

The wolf was too scared to return with no meal
But he couldn’t bear that fox’s terrible steal
So he dashed back home ignoring the cold
He knew he had to take from home, some silver or gold

So he went back home and creaked open the door
But to his surprise he saw on the floor
A coin, some bread and a glass of tea
He placed the loafs on a bowl, and left in quite some glee

So he walked and walked and further he got
Then found the fox with those pairs of socks
He approached the fox with his wonderful meal
So he can return those socks from his terrible steal

But that fox kept the socks that he wrongfully stole
And snatched from the wolf his drink and his bowl
He then ran and dashed and leapt away
Leaving the little wolf in quite some dismay

Fed up indeed he made a new vow
That he shall leave, and explore another village’s wows
So little wolf headed up north, and farewelled his home
Then he headed to west and began his roam

He swam the river and crossed the trees
He walked the heat and ran the breeze
He upped the hills and jumped the twigs

Until he came across a wonderful town
Filled with youths that were free of frowns
But whilst walking ahead with his sweaty brown paws
He found many foxes with sharp horrible claws

How scary he thought as he dashed further down
He then spotted a cottage that was painted in brown
He peeked in the window with his circular eyes
And saw a family that was massive in size

He counted them all
With his great big paws
He saw seven young goats
With a great old mam

But mother goat saw him as well
And she ran to her goats and fearfully yelled
‘A wolf, it’s a wolf, it’s a dangerous one
Near it not, or it won’t be fun’

A while later, with his cylindrical snout
He smelt that mother goat alone was walking out
The wolf wondered as he hid in some boxes
Why leave your seven goats alone, in this place of nasty foxes

This village as he had previously saw
Was home to many foxes of razor-sharp claws
So he made a new vow as he leapt out of the boxes
That he shall protect the seven kids from those hideous foxes

He dashed to the cottage then pummelled their door
He took a big breath, and said in one roar
‘Open the door and let your mother through
I brought something back for each of you’

He clenched his paws and lifted a smile
Then waited for the kids in a friendly looking style
But instead of going inside, then protecting them all
He heard a reply from behind the door

‘We will not open the door
As your voice was rough, when you unpleasantly roared
Our mother has a soft and pleasant voice,
You are that wolf, who would never rejoice’

Never ever had little wolf thought
That those seven young kids, would have him shamefully caught
So he thought himself into having some chalk
For it would smoothen his voice, when he goes back to talk

And so he got back to town and went to a store
Then found some chalks that were packed in fours
He happily paid with his coin, as they were perfect in size
Then he swallowed them all, in just two tries

He dashed and dashed and left the town
Then went to the cottage that was painted in brown
Exhausted by far he walked to the door
And knocked with the nails that was on his paws

‘Open the door and let me through
I bought something back for each of you’
But instead of going inside and protecting them all
He heard another reply from behind the door

‘We will not open the door
For we saw your rusty black paws
Our mother has no black but white feet
You’re just the wolf, that likes to cheat’

And so he got back to town, and went to a baker
He asked for some dough, then hurried the maker
And when he got for himself some pile of dough
He smacked it all over his ten big toes

Then he went to a miller just across the street
And demanded to strew on his blister-filled feet
A roll of white meal that covers the dough
And with some persuading, he got them on his toes

He walked and walked and left the town
Then went to the cottage that was painted in brown
At last he thought as he went to the door
And knocked with the nails that was on his paws

“Open the door and let me through
I bought something back for each of you”
This time round, the door opened with a creaked
Then he saw the seven young goats and their deafening squeaks

But as he covered his ears he thought of a plan
That would protect those goats, from even foxes in clans
All he needed was to swallow the goats
And bite them not as they fall down his throat

Then the seven young goats would be wonderfully safe
As they would be hidden from foxes, that were very unsafe
And they would stay unharmed in little wolf’s tummy
With no pains or scratches as they wait for their mummy

And later in the day, when comes their mother
He shall ask the goats to hold each other
Then he would gently pick one up
And then the others would slowly follow up

And because the wolf would swallow them all
But wouldn’t bite nor chew nor give them a gnaw
The goats would stay alive and move in his belly
Hidden from foxes, which were rather smelly

So little wolf chased the panicky goats
And with care, he dropped them in his throat
Until the sixth goat had entered his belly
That he felt like his tummy was nothing but jelly

He knew he couldn’t fit anymore
So he turned around and headed for the door
Then went by a tree to go for a break
And smiled when he felt his stomach shake

Then little wolf waited for their mummy
So he could return the goats that were under his tummy
And wasn’t he delighted to see that the six goats
Were swallowed correctly and alive in his tummy

But all those moving goats had little wolf tired
For it felt like a massage that he long desired
So he drifted off to a very deep sleep
While his body was moving a heap

Then when hours had past and the wolf awoke
He became very frightened and began to choke
As he found that his stomach was nothing but stones
Then let out a tear as it hurt his bones

The wolf had never wanted water so bad
And the thirst had made him quite mad
So he ran to a well with his tummy of stones
But fell under the weight of his poor creaking bones

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