Three Women and a Wolf

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Three identical sisters lived together, not one was married. The house that they lived they had lived there all of their lives. The people in the village were old friends meaning when somebody new came into town they were easy to point out, that was the case with Mr Wolf.
Leaving their house as usual the three sisters in their matching pink dresses scurried down the street together, wistfully unaware of the new man they were going to meet. Upon chatting to themselves in giddy high voices they went bumping into Mr Wolf. Meeting the eye of each sister Mr Wolf grinned, looking at his sharp white smile the sisters couldn’t help but blush.
“Hello ladies, I am Mr Wolf. It is a pleasure” Mr Wolf gave a bow giving the girls a glance of the twinkle in his eye.
The three sisters giggled coyly, their cheeks turning a darker shade of pink.
“Hello Mr Wolf” they said in unison.
“I’m Paula” said the sister on the left.
“I’m Penny” said the sister in the middle.
“I’m Pam” said the sister on the right.
The girls continued to giggle and carried on walking.
A few days after Mr Wolf’s arrival he unexpectedly showed at the sisters home, he was a slim man, dressed in a dark blue suit with a head of thick brown hair. Knocking on the door with his rather large hand he waited a few seconds before one of the sisters answered. Noting the yellow flower in her hair, Mr Wolf recognized this sister as Paula.
“Hello Mr Wolf” Paula glanced out through the small gap in the door not daring to open it any wider.
“Good evening Paula, may I come inside?”
“Oh no Mr Wolf, we do not allow men into our home”.
Mr Wolf did not like to be denied but decided to put it to the back of his mind, Mr Wolf bid Paula good night with a kiss.
The next day Mr Wolf knocked on the sisters home again, the sister with the red flower in her hair opened the door.
“Hello Mr Wolf” this sister peeked out from through the gap in the door, Mr Wolf thought this gap to be smaller.
“Good evening Penny, may I come inside?”
“Oh no Mr Wolf, we do not allow men into our home”.
Mr Wolf once again grew annoyed, he pushed the feeling to the back of his mind and left after giving Penny a diamond ring.
On the third night Mr Wolf once again knocked on the sister’s door, tonight he was going to give the sister who answered a grand present.
“Hello Mr Wolf” The third sister spoke through a smaller gap than the sisters before her, she wore a blue flower in her hair.
“Good evening Pam, may I come inside?”
“Oh no Mr Wolf, we do not allow men into our home”.
Mr wolf grew very angry, he decided to leave his gift thrusting the piglet he had bought into the sister’s arms, Mr Wolf turned on his heel and left.
After a few days of Mr Wolf not returning to the house the sisters thought he had given up but after a week went by Mr Wolf knocked on the sisters door.
All three sisters answered the door together and speaking in unison they said “Hello Mr Wolf”.
“Good evening Paula, Penny and Pam, may I please come in?”
“Oh no Mr Wolf, we do not allow men into our home”.
Raising his voice Mr Wolf spoke to the sisters, “if you do not let me in, I will shout and bang until I knock this house down!”
With this threat the sisters closed the door in Mr Wolf’s face.

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