To Amber Lake

Kayley Farwell December 22, 2017
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On a warm and sunny day the breeze blew fresh, crisp air into a place called Amber Lake. Amber Lake was a place in the middle of a forest surrounded by bright green tree canopies and various forms of beautiful life. It was also the home to a particular group of fairies called the righteous fairies. The fairies spend most of their days there working together to tend to the city, while spending time with their friends and family.
About a mile further, sharing the forest with Amber Lake, is a place called the Rain Realms. The Rain Realms consists of life, but in a different sense. There, creatures hide in the darkness of its forest. The fairies who reside there are called the wicked. These fairies never see sunshine or flowers, but instead they live with swamp monsters and horrible weather conditions all year round. The righteous and the wicked fairies have lived alongside of each other in the forest for centuries, but have never dared to cross paths until one day….

Ella, a righteous fairy, was the most charming of them all. She had long, brown, wavy hair that she often wore into a half up half down pinned style. Her signature outfit was a lilac colored skirt that clung to her mid thighs, with a peach colored blouse that flowed in the wind as she flew around the land of Amber Lake. Ella was smart, strong, independent and most of all kind hearted. She always gave everyone the benefit of the doubt.
“Alvin, I need more supplies!” Ella shouted to her best friend from the hut that she lived in and spent most of her time in.
Alvin came rushing in with his arm full of supplies up to his chin.
“I hope this is enough.” Alvin puffed, clearly out of breathe. Alvin was your typical nerd. He was a brunette who wore round glasses that were obviously too big for his face. To top that off, he wore thick suspenders that pulled his pants up just a little too far, with a plain button up shirt that was always too tight. But, he was Ella’s best friend, and a great one at that. Alvin dropped the arm full of twigs and leaves that he brought in for Ella. “That should be enough.” She replied, “This hole in the roof is really starting to bother me. How many times can a girl fix it?” Ella continued to focus on what looked like a perfectly sculpted piece of her roof, to replace that piece that had fallen out due to rain and wearage.
“Well Ella, you’re amazing at it. Is there anything you can’t do?” Alvin exclaimed standing near the door of Ella’s hut. Ella looked up quickly and chuckled.
“I’m just a perfectionist.” She said shrugging her shoulders.
All of sudden there was a loud, angry knock at the door. Startled, Alvin turned around and opened it. To both Ella and Alvin’s surprise it was Layla. Layla like Alvin and Ella was a righteous fairy as well but she was slightly different. She always had an attitude and no matter how her life was going she always seemed miserable. Ella looked Layla up and down shocked to see her at her hut.
“What I’m trying a new look!?” Layla shouted defending herself. Layla stood in the doorway with a bright yellow, tight fitted- dress on, and navy blue flats for shoes.
“Oh! No it’s not the outfit I’m just confused as to why you’re here, but you look nice!” Ella explained.
“Look I know we don’t really get along any of us but I have this lunch thing sort of planned with a friend later and I decided I’d switch it up a little-” Layla said.
“Wow from jeans, tennis shoes, and sweatshirts, to tight, bright yellow dress, and heels. ‘I thought I’d switch it up a little’” Alvin interrupted clearly mocking Layla.
‘“Oh shut up Alvin! Look Ella I just came here to get some advice on this outfit, if you can’t help me I’ll just leave!” Layla shouted, slamming the door behind her. Ella and Alvin looked at each other in confusion.
“Maybe we should’ve been nicer.” Ella pointed out.
“When has she EVER been nice to us El?” Alvin replied. Ella nodded and continued to finish up fixing her roof.

Meanwhile over in the Rain Realms
It was a stormy, rainy day. The wicked fairies spent most of their time in their huts, hiding out, away from one another. Beck, the leader of the wicked fairies was the most evil of them all. He was tall, brunette, and built but his heart was made of stone and he hated to feel love.
“Beck! Open the door it’s raining out here!” Shouted Candra. Candra was a wicked fairy who was very fond of Beck. She had long blonde straight hair that flowed down by her hips when she flew, and she often wore a dark green dress with black slippers that sort of threw off her overall look. Beck opened up the door with a thrust of force. “Candra why are you here?” He growled under his breath.
“Oh, I just figured I’d stop by and ask if you needed anything. It hasn’t stopped storming in 6 days so I haven’t really gotten a chance to talk to you. Is everything okay?” Candra replied innocently.
“Just come in and sit down!” Candra scurried in through the door, past Beck’s evil stare. She quickly sat down in a chair at his kitchen table.
“I’ve been thinking…” began Beck, “It’s ridiculous how those righteous fairies over in Amber Lake get the perfect life. Perfect weather, perfect families, perfect houses. I think it’s time that I gather up all of the wicked fairies and we take over their land. I think it’s time things are fair.” Candra took a moment to take in everything Beck had just told her.
“If that’s what you want I’m in.” She finally replied.
“Let’s gather up the rest of the wicked fairies and make our way over there. If the righteous fairies won’t surrender, then we will fight until we win.” Beck explained.
Beck and Candra started at opposite ends of the Rain Realms, knocking on door after door, gathering the wicked fairies for their invasion. When they had reached out to every wicked fairy they knew they made their way over to Amber Lake. The wicked fairies carried various weapons such as pitchforks, and stakes to fight the righteous fairies with.

When they reached Amber the Lake the rain suddenly stopped. Most of the wicked fairies had never seen Amber Lake before and were amazed at the wonders that it presented. Perfectly green grass, beautiful wild flowers, and an abundance of happy righteous fairies. Beck stood at the front of the wicked fairies groups.
“RIGHTEOUS FAIRIES! We are here to take over your land, if you don’t surrender we will fight to the death in order to capture your land!” Beck announced.
The righteous fairies listened as their bodies filled with fear.
Ella and Alvin instantly stopped to listen to Beck and before any of the other righteous fairies could respond to Beck, Ella walked up to the front of the crowd to be face to face with Beck.
“Why are you doing this?” Ella asked sincerely.
“Because it’s time the wicked fairies and the righteous fairies get fair treatment around here. Our land is spoiled. We can’t grow life, the weather is always poor, things should be equal for all of the fairies.” Beck replied.
Ella stood there with her arms crossed pondering what Beck said to her.
“Why don’t we make things better for the both of us. If you and the rest of the wicked fairies could learn to love, and be kind-hearted we could let you live here in Amber Lake.” Ella suggested.
Beck took a second to think about what Ella said before replying, “What if we try? It might not be easy because our wicked fairies have lived in evil our whole lives, but we could try?” Ella nodded in agreement.
“If you and the wicked fairies can promise to try, us righteous fairies will teach you and all the rest of the wicked fairies our ways so that we can all live in peace and harmony.”
“Deal.” Beck agreed. As Ella and Beck shook hands, something magical happened. The whole forest including the Rain Realms, brightened up. The sun came out from behind the trees and clouds and the whole forest became The Land of Amber Lake where all of the new righteous fairies lived along side of the old righteous fairies.

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