Train to Windsor

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Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Angellina, eager to take the train to the Royal City of Windsor. But, her parents subtly refused Angellina’s request because they didn’t have money. “Sorry, I don’t have money, my child. Later someday we get money, we can go there.” said Angellina’s mother. Angellina agreed. At that time, Angellina only received a makeshift birthday gift, which was only a used dress owned by the wife of a rich man who had not fit into the body of the rich man’s wife. His younger siblings, Peter and Anna, only get two or three novel books. The rest are school textbooks. They can only buy a notebook and a textbook. It’s ironic about the Angellina family. “Never mind. We will get help from Westcousin governor.” Peter said to his family. Anna continued to whine to ask to take the train to the Royal City of Windsor, but Angelline and Peter always said, “Don’t be like that, Anna. Get help from the Westcousin government later.”

The next morning, the Westcousin government provided assistance in the form of school uniforms and $ 680 to poor families, including the Angellina family. the Angellina family is very grateful to the Westcousin government. “Thank you for the help.” said Angellina as a family. “Yes! We will depart by train to Windsor the day after tomorrow!” Angellina said in unison to one family.
“What’s the 680 dollars for, sir?” asked the governor.
“For a vacation to the City of Windsor, Angellina will go to meet her adopted sister there. She’s a princess.”
After earning 680 dollars, the Angellina family was very happy to pay for train tickets to the Royal City of Windsor. That night, they went to the Westcousin train station to order train tickets for the day after tomorrow. “Sorry, tickets for the city of Windsor for the day after tomorrow are up. Just train tickets to Windsor tomorrow night. Tickets for that are still a lot.” said the station clerk. “It’s okay. I’ll have the ticket tomorrow night.” said Angellina. They ordered a business class train with seats for five people. One by one they got tickets, except for Anna who was still a minor.

The train that they are riding will depart. Angellina and her family are very happy. The station clerk started ringing the bell, the train driver running the train to the Royal Windsor City Station. Ces …. ces..cesss … the train runs. The steam had scattered into the air, the wheels were moving. Unintentionally, Angellina went to the phone shop behind her seat. He called Princess Gretchen at Windsor for a few minutes. The train officer reminded for the safety of the passengers. “All passengers, make sure you are not allowed to carry dangerous goods such as narcotics, illegal drugs, gambling equipment, pornographic reading books or pornographic images, and similar devices. For security reasons, we are not responsible if you carry these dangerous goods criteria. ” said the train officer. All items carried by the Angellina family are not one of the dangerous items. They obey the rules in the train. Anna bit her finger just then. Then, Anna asked, “Is there steam on the train, mom?” Anna’s mother answered, “Yes, really?” Angellina and Peter burst out laughing.
Suddenly, there was a strange appearance in the train. Namely, human-eating creatures. All passengers were scared to see that figure. Anna cried. The human eater came from one of the passengers who had died in the train toilet. Human-eating virus also infects passengers in one train. Luckily, many passengers use clever ways to avoid human-eating creatures, including the Angellina family. Only ten to twenty passengers were human-eating creatures. In their clever way, they are many survivors of human eaters. Because some of the passengers were human eaters, the train they were riding in was forced to alight at the West Windsor Royal City station. The Angellina family and other passengers alight at the West Windsor RoyalCity Station for a rescue transit. They waited a moment. Passengers who were human eaters were taken to landfills. After that, passengers, including the Angellina family, boarded the train back to Windsor Royal City station.

On the way to Windsor, Anna plays with a doll she brings from home. Peter telephoned his friend in Windsor. Angellina did not miss waiting in line to call. At that time they had just arrived in the South Windsor region. Ten more kilometers to their destination.

Ten more kilometers they arrived at the Royal City of Windsor. Angellina was almost relieved. During the trip, one family took food from their bags. While feeding Anna, Peter also ate the vegetables he was carrying. At the same time, Angellina ate lettuce and cabbage with goat meat. Finished eating. they wash their hands and return to the seat they ordered. “Well … it doesn’t feel like we’re almost at Windsor.” said Angelina with relief. The other passengers also discussed the same thing with Angellina. They said, “Five kilometers away, welcome to Windsor.”, Some said, “Almost arrived at Windsor.”, “Wow … I’ll be there soon,” and so on. Not feel the train they have five more kilometers to their destination. Angellina was impatient to meet Princess Gretchen there. “To all passengers, five kilometers we will arrive at the Royal Windsor City station. You may pack your luggage and do not get left behind. Again, to all passengers, five kilometers we will arrive at the Royal Windsor City station. You may pack your luggage and don’t get left behind. Thank you. ” train officer reminded. Angellina and several other passengers packed to get down to the station.

A few minutes later, Peter, Anna, and their parents packed up. Train officials also reminded again. “Another kilometer to Windsor, you have to pack your luggage and don’t get left behind.” some passengers began packing their luggage. And a few more meters, their train reached the Royal Windsor City Station. “Thank you for the trip and see you on the next trip.” said the train officer. Passengers descend to the station carrying luggage, including the Angellina family. They left the train they were riding in. Arriving at the Royal City of Windsor, they met Princess Gretchen and her family there. Finally, they met and stayed in the palace for several days.

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