Why I Left Her in the Tower, a Poem

Diana Beltran December 12, 2017
Retold Fairy Tales
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She didn’t understand why
I left her in the tower.
Sometimes I had to lie
About why she had to cower.
I told her about the scary men,
Waiting for her to like predators do prey
But then she was sixteen when
She decided to disobey.

I wanted to protect her
Protect her from the truth
A truth that can be so very hurtful
So hurtful that it would rob her from her youth.
“Mama, can I please go outside?”
Were words that resonated within me
“No my dear, can’t you see?
It is very dangerous I guarantee.”

I never decided to tell her the truth
For I knew others would bother
And make fun of her robotic looks.
They will make stories of how I was an evil mother
And didn’t let my daughter out,
But what I was trying to seal
Something they will never understand,
Was the fact that she wasn’t even real.

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