Winter's Mirror

James Kingston January 9, 2019
Fable, Kids, Magic
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    Winter’s Mirror

    Soon after Christmas when the rooms are all bare
    And the decs are all boxed and stowed under the stairs
    When the sun barely raises his head all the day
    And Summer is really a long time away
    When the pavements and rooftops glimmer with frost
    And the season’s festivities seem to be lost
    A young girl looks out on this bleak Winter landscape
    Amazed how the snow has created a new shape
    To all of the things that she sees every day
    Like the trees and the fields and the hills far away
    With a smile on her face her excitement is rising
    At the thought of the fields that she’ll soon be exploring
    With her scarf and her hat and her warm Winter coat
    All buttoned up tight like the sails of a boat
    She sets off from her home through the fields to discover
    A fresh frosty fairground not touched by another
    Where she skates on the puddles and slides through the trees
    Examines the spider’s webs icy on leaves
    Her breath on the air leaves a cloud in her wake
    As she watches the robin no sound does he make
    Then out of the corner of her wonderstruck eye
    A much deeper mystery she now does espy
    As a child born to nature she knows straight away
    That the vision she’s seeing is not of this day
    In every frozen fractal around her
    The ice on the lake and the frost on the hedge burr
    From the rime on the path and the icicle’s shine
    The essence of Winter has risen divine
    She looks into the mirror of Winter reflected
    And sees not herself but a spirit connected
    To white Winter wanderings lost in the snow
    She reaches her hand out and is ready to go
    And join with the frost and the cold Winter day
    And never return to her family to play
    Because once you have looked into cold Winter’s eyes
    You’ll float gently away like the freest bird flies
    And you’ll watch as the rooftops recede in the distance
    The world becomes small taken in with a mere glance
    And you’ll dream of a world made of crystalline towers
    The most perfect of shapes fall in icicle showers
    And you won’t want to leave though you’ll wonder sometimes
    Of your friends and your family all left behind
    Until next year when the season’s beginning to harden
    You’ll awake at the icicle’s sound in the garden
    And you’ll watch a young girl gaze into Winter’s mirror
    And you’ll wonder at what the cold Winter will give her
    And you’ll see that you’ve changed and it all won’t seem so clear
    Your life if is drifting neither far or so near
    And you’ll realise a million life times have passed
    Since the day you set off with your sails at full mast
    And the seasons will fade with the passing of time
    But when Winter returns his cool smile will still shine
    Because Winter is timeless and faceless and ruthless
    And deeper than the darkest of dreams could ever guess
    So next time you walk in the Winter alone
    Remember you’re never really alone

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