Witch's Tellatale

Fatima Kubra December 6, 2018
Retold Fairy Tales
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I saw the kids coming towards my house, they looked awfully starved and seemed like they just needed a loving home. I built my house as a safe haven against the worldly disease of famine and starvation. I was excited at the aspect of having some more guests over, but what I hadn’t realized was that my new guests weren’t of the friendly kind. As soon as they arrived, they immediately climbed into the roof and started eating the gingerbread. “Nibble nibble little mouse, whos that nibbling on my house?”. The children were startled and slowly climbed down. The witch welcomed the children inside and gave them a hearty meal of soup and vegetables. The boy and girl, overcome with greed for such delicious riches, devised a plan to get rid of the witch and keep the house to themselves. Gretel says to the witch that she wishes to help Glenda (witch) with that night’s soup. As the water comes to a boil, and Glenda reaches for the ladle to stir the soup, Gretel pushes her into the kettle and shuts the lid. That was the last of the perceived evil witch, even though she was zero evil.

The End

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