andrew mcintyre November 29, 2021
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Under the hedges the ground was still like a frozen brick,

Cracks zig zagged over the surface leaving gaps,

Where old Jacomus in his wild dance,

Would whirl and freeze as if in a trance,

Robins and Thrushes vainly search for grains and grubs,

Along with the scampering long tailed mouse,

His whiskers a twitching sensing out a louse,

Badgers warm and snug in their deep setts,

Foxes scream and call in the forest deep,

Pheasants shuffle in gamekeepers keep.

A rattle in bleak blangk twigs and branches,

A lady in white on her unicorn prances,

Breathing warm air from between ruby red lips,

Softening the earth making it fertile again,

Where plants and bushes will start to awaken,

The joy of rebirth and beginigs anew once more.

Time passed seasons came and seasons departed

Full moons blazed in midnight skies

And waned again disappearing from sight

Springs budded and bloomed

Summers were full of bounty

Autumns glowed with orange light

Winters were sparkly and diamond bright.

Things were forgotten bad times

Fled from recollection and life settled.

Harvests were bounteous and everything flourished.

Worgleschnortzkopf lived in his little house

Content with his ways no one came to bother him

He earth ticked by slowly as fairy life does

Mortal men may come and go with amazing speed

But none of that disturbed them in the forest deep

Life went on as it always did peaceful and content.

Occasionally a thrush stopped by with fairy rider

To impart some news concerning forest ways

But hours ticked by turning into days

Days became weeks which in turn became months

And soon the months became years .

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