Annie Klingensmith June 26, 2022
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Once two children, the sons of a giant, strayed into Asgard. They were too young to know the way back to their home. 

Odin and Frigg, his wife, adopted the two boys and called them their sons. Odin cared most for Geirrod. But Frigg loved Aganor, the younger one, best. 

When they were grown, Odin gave each of them a kingdom in his own realm. But Aganor left his kingdom and went back to Jotunheim. 

Odin was pleased more than ever with Geirrod because he did not follow his brother. 

But Frigg heard it said that Geirrod only appeared to be good, and that he tortured strangers to make them give up their gold. 

When Odin heard this, he determined to go to see Geirrod and prove that it was not true. So he made himself look like a very old man, and went to Geirrod’s house. 

Instead of giving him a seat at the table and a bed, Geirrod chained him between two fires.

For eight days the old man was silent, although no food was given him. He had not even any water, but once when Aganor, Geirrod’s son, ran in and gave him a little cupful. 

At last the fire became so hot that it burned the old man’s clothing. 

Then suddenly he began to sing a wonderful song in a deep and musical voice. Geirrod knew at once that it was Odin. 

In his despair, he slew himself with his sword. The little Aganor, who had pitied the stranger, became king in his place.

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