A Perfect Match

Denise Ostler May 20, 2018
Humor, Romance
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Once upon a time, in a tiny kingdom, there dwelt a sweet princess who cared for injured animals. She created a special place in the royal stables where she could tend to her patients. She loved her work, but alas, it was time for her to marry.
The king narrowed her suitors down to three eligible princes. Each prince was invited to dine at the castle and give a speech about why he would be the best match for the princess. On the first night, a very handsome and confident prince stood to address the royal assembly.
“I am very prosperous due to my focus and drive,” he declared. “I have built a successful business empire of factories, markets and farms. The princess will never want for anything as she stands by my side to share in the accomplishment of my goals.”
The princess said nothing, so the guests just frowned at their plates. The second night, another handsome prince came to dine at the castle. He stood and made his case.
“I have a wonderful project to share with the princess. I am writing an encyclopedia of knowledge. I know the princess would love to help me edit this monumentally important masterpiece until she bears our children.” Again, the princess said nothing and the assembly heaved a forlorn sigh.
On the third night, the last prince came to dine at the castle. He was short and plain, but his good heart was felt by all present. He stood up and faced the princess across the table.
“I would like to hear from the princess herself. Your highness, what is your dream?”
The guests held their food laden forks in the air halfway to their mouths and stared at the princess.
“My dream is to be the director of my own wildlife rehabilitation center,” replied the princess. The guests swiveled their heads in unison back to the prince.
“That is the best idea I have heard in years, for I too have this dream,” the prince revealed. “We can build your center together on our estate. Would you like to do that?”
The princess smiled and said, “Yes, and I will marry you.”
“Champagne!” cried the king. The guests broke out in applause as the newly betrothed couple drank a toast to their new life of shared goals and dreams.

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