Big Bad Wolf's End

A. V. Ness February 25, 2022
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Once upon A time, there was a girl named Little Red Riding Hood, and she was delivering food to her grandma alongside her father, Mr. Hood. Her mother sent the two, because the grandma was sick, and needed company. Mr. Hood went with Little Red because he thought she was too young to go by herself. The girl then stopped to pick up some flowers to give to her grandma when suddenly they heard a growling voice. “Hi mister” said little red while Mr. Hood got in front of her. “Where are you off to young girl” said the voice, which was the big bad wolf. “What the hell! A talking wolf!” yelled Mr. Hood after he took out his desert eagle. “Woah woah woah, put the gun down” said the big bad wolf. Mr. Hood then said “stay the hell away from my daughter you son of a b*tch”. The big bad wolf then ran away, not to the forest, but to the grandma’s house. Once he arrived, he picked the grandma up and ate her whole, before putting on her clothes and sleeping in her bed. Mr. Hood and Little Red later came to the house and opened the door. “It’s that wolf!” yelled Red’s father “get down” Pff, Pff, Pff, was the last sound the big bad wolf would ever hear.

The End.

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