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Villian (husband) Won the Heart in the end.
From dark sight to bright.

Hey you, can’t you to talk to me, I’m watching you for a long time that you are ignoring me,
I know I’m nothing to you now right?. Why because I’m jobless now & you are working woman so that’s the reason that you don’t love me any more right?.

Wife: yes, Right, Very True
You stupid.
Now listen,
It’s not because
I’m a working woman and you are jobless,
that I don’t care about you,
“You know Everyday I just think about you before the sunrise from East to sunset from the West,
Even working hours, my mind always finds you to ask that how he will be now whether he came back from the tough time or still finding a way to live without efforting for anything else, I know how you are going through so I thought it’s better to give you some space cause time will heal everything and you will be fine too, coming to my working woman I never knew that you are same like those peoples who don’t like woman to work or even to see them going far in the way of success.

Ya I don’t like you to work
Because you won’t understand
Leave it.

Why leave it, tell me don’t keep anything inside?
Okay then listen, I’m
A life is telling you something is leave me forever cause you are wasting your time by living with me in this relationship which a painful bind to us, I’m feeling like why I’m living in life you know whenever I just see you I feel
“Look how hard you are working for this house even for me and what I’m doing nothing, I can’t even give you a happiness, how can I be a good husband, so I think I’m not a right man for you,
it took a long time me to say you this but this is the truth, “I loved you but I can’t afford happiness for you” may I live or die this regret will be there that the girl I loved was the best woman I left in between.
wife: Tears in eyes and started yelling at him by saying how could you say this, without you I can’t live with so how can I move on without leaving you, better not to say this again else I would leave you in the heaven.
Husband: Haha okay fine now you are getting late so go now let’s go out tonight.
wife: now I have decided to take a leave today to spend the whole day with my better half
Oh no Plz don’t take leave for me, I’m who to you just a husband not a friend like “Roy” who care about you more than me that’s it right?
Wife: what do you want to listen?
And what do want to know just say are you jealous of “Roy” is being my best friend
Husband: Not jealous but you are my wife so he could keep some distance, why can’t you think from perception what I’m saying?
Wife: wait.. wait.. wait.. okay now I got it
Why are you behaving like this,
Because he is being so good to me right
You know in my life he is the first person who I made a best friend he was also a childhood friend so we are just a good friends.
I’m not saying what is in between you & him just saying what Is right now, I’m your husband so you should care about me more than him, like yesterday you came late because of him right?

Wife: Firstly, I want to clear you is “we are just a friend’s nothing else and now you are doubting on me by saying such a things, really Hurting by your words and by your thinking. And do keep a watch on us really you fuck off.
Husband: Shut your mouth now what you did wasn’t wrong, every evening you go to his house and come late so now I doubt that you both are hiding something from me.
Wife: Really Are You my husband remove this Mask be who you are don’t think too much and I think now I should go office and stay there better in hell place.
Husband: Ya you go I will call your Bff he will come and pick you.
Wife: Shut your mouth, it’s enough now, I told you we are just friends I can’t say you anything else you are disgusting, you bull shit.
(Husband aggressive hugged her and said I’m sorry)
Wife: What are you doing its Hurting
Husband: when your Bff hugs it doesn’t?
Wife: leave me now else I’m going to slap
Husband: okay now you can go bye and love you forever.
Wife madly went out to office
And Husband went to his bedroom
And took a phone to call “Roy”
He called up and said “He should take care of his wife and give her every happiness of life,
because he is going to die for her,
Committed suicide
Before suicide, after the call, he wrote a letter
To her where he wrote Everything
About today, yesterday or the moments he spent with her but the reason why he did this is written on the last page of the letter…

Dear Emma,

I couldn’t take it more so I decided to give up from the life, and my last wish is my gift to you is be happy and get marry with Roy cause I knew you feel happy with him and also you both know each other very well, I just called “Roy and said everything to him and asked a promise from him to you is
He will look to you in life, he is good man and also a better soul than me, my last wish you plz get married, you need someone good than me and also better husband and friend than me, listen what just I did with you was everything is deliberately made mistake cause I want you to go to the office so I can execute my plan so I’m sorry and I’m not dying because I afraid of anything I’m dying cause I don’t want you to see those things which are happened because of me then why you should suffer and also the reason I’m committing suicide is cause of the big reason you are unknown to it, that I hide from you from a long time so it is all about me fighting to the cancer, it was my last stage so better not to see you sad every time I hide Ever from you and now I can’t take it so I’m giving it up hope you understand me like every time, sorry I haven’t told you anything and you are the best woman I have ever made in life and rest thank you and sorry for everything love you
Hubby. (Tom )
Plz, get married to Roy.

Thank you.
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